20 Best Webflow Apps for 2024

20 Best Webflow Apps for 2024
Mar 28, 2024

A latecomer feature to Webflow introduced just last year in 2023, Webflow Apps have swiftly emerged as a transformative addition to the platform, elevating the Webflow user experience.Β 

Starting with just a handful of apps, the Webflow marketplace has started booming with new app additions continually enriching the platform in just a few months.

As we speak, the platform offers more than 100+ Webflow apps, showcasing the vibrant ecosystem with apps from different categories like Content Management & Design, Customer Service, Developer & Security Tools, e-commerce, Marketing Automation & Analytics, Productivity, and more.

What are Webflow Apps?

Webflow apps are third-party applications that bring additional features and functionalities inside the Webflow platform, enhancing the user’s design and development experience. You can install these Webflow tools on your site or Workspace directly from the Webflow Marketplace.
What you might need clarification though is that these Webflow tools are sometimes described with the usage of other terms like Webflow plugins, and integrations. That is because, before the launch of Apps to Webflow, they (webflow plugins & integrations) used to serve a similar function of connecting Webflow with 3d party tools and services.
However with the advent of Webflow apps, you might come across former integrations that have now converted into Webflow apps, hence occasionally there may be confusion about these terms.

Webflow Apps vs Webflow Integrations

Webflow Apps:

  • Focus: Offer deeper and more comprehensive functionality, often integrating with various aspects of Webflow like the CMS, forms, and custom code.
  • Development: Built and maintained by third-party developers, offer a user-friendly interface within Webflow for configuration and are reviewed by Webflow before being added in the marketplace.
  • Examples: Advanced e-commerce features, marketing automation tools, user account management systems, and advanced analytics platforms.

Webflow Integrations:

  • Focus: Often provide basic one-way connections for specific functionalities, like sending form data to a CRM, embedding a social media feed, and more.
  • Development: This can involve custom code or utilizing third-party libraries like ApiStack for simpler connections. Despite APIs, Integrations are also often connected via Zapier.
  • Examples: Connecting to a payment gateway, adding a newsletter signup form, or displaying a live chat feature.
A table showing the features of webflow apps and integrations in comparison to one another
Features of Webflow Integrations vs. Webflow Apps

For basic website enhancements, integrations are a great choice. For complex customizations or unique user experiences, apps might be a better fit but some of them may require a subscription fee.

Best Webflow Apps everyone must have

Here we selected 20 of them that we think will make your Webflow user experience easier:

1. GOAT Slider Webflow App – Free plan available

A preview of the GOAT Slider Webflow App β€” Webflow's most powerful slider created by Azwedo
GOAT Slider β€” Webflow App

If you are tired of clunky, unresponsive sliders, GOAT Slider is your answer. With GOAT Slider you can create smooth, stunning, and fully responsive sliders that showcase your images, videos, or testimonials in style.Β 

You can create sliders with various styles, including arrows, numbers, fade effects, autoplay sliders, draggable sliders, keyboard navigation, and more. If you want something faster, there is also the premium section of pre-designed sliders that you can use for your needs.

A gif showing the Cars slider template from the Goat slider webflow application. A porche, ferrari and BMW, are shown through the slides as examples.
Cars Slider Template β€” Goat Slider

This awesome Webflow app offers CMS to your sliders, and you can customize almost every detail from transitions and animations to autoplay and touch controls. With the Goatslider app, you can start building the sliders from scratch, or, explore pre-designed slide templates and personalize your own in minutes.Β 

These premium slide templates are designs inspired by the biggest tech industry trends and other famous website designs.

2. Memberstack Webflow App – Free plan available

A preview of the Memberstack website - a text in bold in the hero section reads "Design in Webflow Scale to Millions"
Memberstack β€” Webflow App

Memberstack is a powerful Webflow plugin that allows you to create exclusive content sections, gated communities, and paid memberships, all integrated into your Webflow website.Β 

This extension offers robust authentication options, including Google, Facebook, and email/password logins, as well as instant access to Stripe checkout and billing features.

With this Webflow app, you can add memberships, manage members, subscriptions, and access controls with ease, and unlock new possibilities for subscriber engagement and revenue generation.Β 

3. Modulo Webflow App – Free plan available

A preview of the Modulo Webflow App - an app that allows you to copy and paste your components with ease
Modulo β€” Webflow App

Modulo is an awesome time-saving plugin that offers endless design possibilities with its modular building blocks, simplifying the creation of complex layouts and structures and saving you time if you want to use ready-made sections for your site/templates. You can build websites by adding components and customizing them with drag-and-drop efforts.

Modulo Pro monthly subscription price - $24.99
Modulo Pro Subscription Plan

The Modulo Webflow app in addition to its library of free components, also offers a premium plan with more advanced components, starting from the hero section, features, lists, FAQs, CTAs, and more.Β 

You can buy a single component for a fixed price (e.g. $4.99) and have it for a lifetime, or you can purchase the All-access Pass for a subscription of $24.99 per month giving you access to the entire list of components as long as you are a paid subscriber.

4. Hubspot Webflow App – Free plan available

A preview of the HubSpot webflow app - the text in the image reads "Seamlessly connect your webflow site to Hubspot
HubSpot β€” Webflow App

The Hubspot Webflow app allows you to integrate your Webflow site with HubSpot's all-in-one marketing and CRM platform. With this Webflow integration, marketers and site owners can effortlessly configure sales and marketing automation within Webflow.

You can style HubSpot forms directly in the Webflow Designer, connect existing Webflow forms to HubSpot, add HubSpot chatbots, activate site tracking, and much more.

5. Jetboost Webflow app – Free plan available

A preview of the Jetboost webflow app - the app gives your visitors the abilito to filter, search and save CMS items and more
Jetboost β€” Webflow App

With Jetboost you can take your website's search functionality to the next level due to its powerful search and filtering capabilities. This awesome Webflow app, which before was a Webflow integration, enables users to find exactly what they're looking for quickly and easily.

With Jetboost Webflow plugin, you can integrate buttons, checkboxes, and controls for users to filter page content, essential for e-commerce, real estate, job boards, and directories.

Additionally, users can "like" or save favorite CMS items, automatically archive items, and many other features that deliver a seamless browsing experience.

6. SVG Flow Webflow app – Free

A preview of the SVG Flow Webflow App showing how ou can edit the SVG color and size right on Webflow
SVG Flow β€” Webflow App

SVG Flow is an awesome Webflow app that streamlines the process of importing, editing, and customizing SVG icons directly in Webflow. SVG flow Webflow app enables you to transform icons by changing their colors, size, and stroke width for just a few moments.

7. Figma to Webflow App – Free

A preview of the Figma to Webflow - Webflow App showing some of its capabilities to import components, update them, etc.
Figma to Webflow β€” Webflow App

As the name suggests, this Webflow app is designed to be used alongside Figma to Webflow Plugin and it bridges the gap between your design workflow and Webflow development.

You can easily update your components and variables by making changes from Figma and syncing them to the same elements in Webflow for review and approval. Your Figma designs will be translated into clean and optimized Webflow code, saving you hours of development time and ensuring your website stays true to your initial vision.

8. Ikonik Webflow App – Free

Ikonik webflow app preview - showing 50k+ open source icons to be used for free
Ikonik β€” Webflow App

The Ikonik Webflow app offers access to a treasure trove of high-quality icons to enrich your website's visual language and communication. With an extensive library of +50k icons covering diverse categories and styles, Ikonik empowers you to find the perfect icon for every use case, ensuring consistency and coherence in your design language.

Moreover, for those of you Figma designers out there, Ikonik is now also part of the Figma plugin library list, reaching more than 11.000 users in a short period of time since its introduction. The Ikonik App is developed as well for the Canva community.

9. Logo To Use Webflow App – Free

A preview of Logo to Use Webflow App - showing different free logos you can use throughout your designf
Logo To Use β€” Webflow App

Logo-To-Use Webflow App instantly elevates your website's professionalism with copyright-free logos that align with your project needs. Browse through a rich collection of logos and edit them using Logotouse's intuitive design tool. You can choose to change their size, stroke width, and color, so the temporary logos match your design style and color palette of choice!

10. PromoteKit Webflow App - Free plan available

A preview of the PromoteKit Webflow app, showing a table of an affiliate program set up with Webflow and Stripe.
PromoteKit β€” Webflow App

The PromoteKit app is designed to help you track customer referrals across all the steps they take in their customer journey in Stripe. This includes, tracking trials, subscriptions, cancellations, and refunds. It is free until you've made your first 5 affiliate sales.

This ca be done by adding the PromoteKit tracking script to any of your sites, and the best part, this can be done without copy pasting any code whatsoever.

11. Text Wizard AI Webflow App - Paid

A preview of Text Wizard Ai Webflow appshowing how you can transform your ideas into tailored text inside Webflow cms, no need for lorem ipsums anymore
Text Wizard AI β€” Webflow App

If you are tired of using Lorem Ipsums and other dummy text, this App is just the right one for you. Text Wizard AI Webflow app allows you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create high-quality and on-brand content for your Webflow site. With prompting capabilities, you can ensure your message resonates with your audience and drives results.

The app comes with a 3 day free trial after which you'll have to pay $3.79 per month.

12. Magic Elements Webflow App - Free

A preview of the Magic Elements Webflow App - the app gives you the possibility to create and customize native html elements and more
Magic Elements β€” Webflow App

With a collection of unique animation and interaction effects, this Webflow app adds a touch of magic and interactivity to your Webflow projects From captivating hover effects to parallax scrolling and subtle micro-interactions.

13. Better Shadows Webflow App - Free

A preview of the Better Shadows Webflow App - an app that allows you to create realistic shadows with only a few clicks
Better Shadows β€” Webflow App

Do you want better shadows? This app fine-tunes the shadows in your designs to add depth, dimension, and realism to your website's elements. With Better Shadows, you can easily adjust shadow properties such as color, opacity, blur, and spread, achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics and usability.

14. Clip Path Bae Webflow AppΒ  – Free

A preview of the Clip Path Bae Webflow App - an app the clips complex shapes without code
Clip Path Bae β€” Webflow AppΒ 

Show your creativity with Clip Path Bae's advanced masking and clipping tools, allowing you to create intricate shapes and effects with ease. Whether you're designing custom borders, overlays, or image masks, Clip Path Bae provides intuitive controls and presets to help you achieve the desired look without the need for code.Β 

15. Semflow Webflow App - Paid

A preview of the Semflow Webflow App - the picture reads "Audit and score your website" - the app is used for your sites SEO needs
Semflow β€” Webflow App

Take control of your website's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts with Semflow's real-time feedback and analysis tools. This Webflow plugin helps you identify areas for improvement in your content and on-page SEO, allowing you to optimize your Webflow site for better search engine visibility and organic traffic. You can get a free trial for 7days.

16. Chainlift Color Webflow App - Free

A preview of the Chainlift color Webflow App that allows ou to generate a theme from any color
Chainlift Color β€” Webflow App

Chainlift Color generates beautiful color themes that integrate seamlessly with Webflow. You can save colors as variables, regenerate themes on the fly, and ensure accessibility compliance. Design with ease and consistency.

17. Shopyflow Webflow App - Free plan available

A preview of the Shopyflow Webflow app - an app designed to build shopify store using Webflow
Shopyflow β€” Webflow App

Shopyflow simplifies building and managing a fully-customized Shopify storefront using Webflow, combining their speed and versatility with Shopify's e-commerce features.

It allows seamless integration of Shopify backend data with Webflow elements, offering a no-code site builder, dynamic product galleries, CMS auto-sync, nested products and bundles, subscription sales, and more. It's free to use until you are ready to launch on a custom domain.

18. Nocodelyttics Webflow App - Free plan available

A preview of the Nocodelyttics Webflow App - an app that allows you to track buttons,link, forms and more
Nocodelyttics β€” Webflow App

This app offers valuable insights into your website's performance and user behavior without writing a single line of code. Nocodeletyics provides a user-friendly interface to track key metrics, analyze visitor behavior, and understand how users interact with your Webflow site. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your website for improved conversions and user engagement.

19. Outseta Webflow App - Paid

A preview of the Outseta Webflow App allowing you to launch and grow your membership business with all the tools needed
Outseta β€” Webflow App

Simplify subscription-based business management with Outseta's all-in-one platform for billing, CRM, and support. Whether you're managing subscriptions, nurturing leads, or providing customer support, Outseta centralizes all your business operations in one convenient platform. With seamless integration with Webflow, you can streamline your workflow and scale your business with ease. Outseta offers free trials, one time products and other pricing options.

20. Slater Webflow App - Free plan available

A preview of the Slated Webflow App - an AI powered scripting layer designed for Webflow
Slater β€” Webflow App

Slater says goodbye to the frustration of building complex and responsive tables. This awesome tool simplifies the process by offering a variety of pre-built table styles and extensive customization options.

You can create functional and visually appealing tables that seamlessly integrate into your Webflow website, and present your data in an organized and user-friendly manner.


This selection of the top 20 Webflow Apps for 2024 underscores the platform's versatility, offering solutions for everything from seamless membership integration to advanced SEO tools. As Webflow continues to evolve, users can anticipate even more innovation, driving engagement, conversions, and success in the digital realm.

Here at Wedoflow we regularly post about the latest news and updates on Webflow and the web design and development industry in general so make sure to follow our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

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