Webflow CMS Advantages

Webflow CMS Advantages
Oct 10, 2022

If you are looking to expand your targeted audiences, provide a great user experience, and create long-term brand awareness, then search engine optimization has a tremendous role. 

A site will rank higher by search engines when it’s considered trustworthy and has high quality. Adding useful content while increasing the speed of your site will even rank it higher. For a superior SEO, you need a different approach and an appropriate strategy to make the most out of it.

However, only creating good content is not enough quick execution is one of the main components to completing your strategy, and CMSs play a major role in executing the right strategy for your company.

Why you need a proper CMS

There are many platforms with different features that help organize the content on the web. The best CMS for you depends on the functionality and features that CMS provides and how simple it is to use. 

CMS that provides a software interface that allows a more seamless collaboration. Your entire content and collections need to be organized so you can populate them easily to your site design.

One of the key points of using a CMS is that it simplifies the way of building web content and is incredibly time-saving. All this is because it lets you manage all pages in one place, removing the need to build and maintain individual pages. 

As we mentioned above, your CMS has a great impact on optimizing your site search and helping your targeted audience find your website.

You need a CMS with SEO controls that allow you to customize alt text, meta descriptions, URL slug, and page titles. Many platforms offer plug-ins for SEO, while Webflow does it natively. 

Check our best CMS templates that help you create the content structure you need. Fashionable templates, fully customizable, and a management system that works for everyone. 

Advantages of using Webflow CMS

Let’s see how Kisi used a Webflow CMS to grow organic traffic and improve user experience. 

kisi platform - Wedoflow

Quick execution

One crucial component for strong growth is the ability to execute faster. Kisi managed to speed up the process of turning ideas into live pages - all in less than two weeks. It empowered them to create better content and focus more on the strategies that work.

Kisi built a Collection of checklists with different items added, such as author names, descriptions, logos, and other elements that directly link to the full article that already exists on their site.

Quick extension - Wedoflow

This format resulted in a success for Kisi to launch new pages with SEO potential - using their existing content with a limited amount of new content from the checklist.

After Kisi fully implemented the Webflow CMS, the organic monthly sessions scaled from 12k to 50k in just three months. 

A CMS collection can organize all types of your content that can easily be inserted into the website - and automatically populates it from your CMS fields. 

Faster page load

Every business needs to work on its page speed as users need to access your content quickly. When your website page loads slower, you will probably start to lose your audience, and the page will perform poorly in organic ranking. 

It’s interesting to mention that a one-second delay when the page is loading means a 7% drop in conversation rate. With Webflow CMS, you can create all kinds of content on your web page, of any structure, and it will work incredibly fast. 

Webflow CMS - Wedoflow

As new trends keep switching users accessing sites from desktop to mobile devices, it’s the right moment for businesses to prioritize the improvement of loading time. The faster your web page loads, the more satisfied users will be.

Better internal linking structure

Internal links within your posts and pages are an important factor for Google and other search engines. These engines follow links to find content on websites and to rank it in search results, that’s why internal linking plays a crucial role in your SEO.

Collections in Webflow allow you to link other related articles automatically in a simple way. It discovers and filters results to articles with similar topics. 

internal linking structure in Webflow - Wedoflow

A good internal linking structure improves the site’s performance in two different areas:

  • URL crawl-ability and redistribution of link power
  • Discoveribility of content and higher user engagement

Considering that most of Kisi Collections are linked from the homepage or another click away, new pages they publish on Collections will discover by Google and users even if no other action takes place.

Stunning design, higher engagement 

Another company that scaled its website is the shared workspace portal Coworking Resources. A complete redesign website that switched from WordPress to Webflow. 

After the site launch, Coworking Resources saw immediate SEO growth of almost 30% in time spent on the site, and around 120% in the pages with a new custom design. The growth increased in all the user engagement metrics because a great user-friendly design always converts better. 

In conclusion

Not every company needs the same features and structures to customize its CMS. We mentioned that CMSs have a big impact on optimizing your site search - therefore it’s important to choose a CMS that fits your need. That will help you execute the right strategy to achieve outstanding results. 

Try one of our stunning CMSs to manage your site content seamlessly and better than your competitors. 

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