Premium Webflow Templates with 10k+ Sales

Premium Webflow Templates with 10k+ Sales
Jan 25, 2024

If you are looking for a proven and high-quality template to launch your start-up, showcase your application, or sell your skills with a great portfolio, congrats, you’re in the right place.

Startup trends overview

According to the US Chamber of Commerce analysis, despite the recession and high inflation, new businesses are rising. Start-ups and freelance services are rapidly expanding business models in a wide range of industries.

What these and other business models need the most in their journey to becoming successful is the need to stand out in the online world and in many cases being fast and agile gives you this advantage.

The need for becoming agile is all over industries, especially in the tech one. In the case of running online businesses, getting your idea fast into the community is a round won for you against your competitors.

Knowing the high competitiveness of today’s market, there are some key points that we need to undertake when wanting to succeed (and who doesn’t want that).

Due to this and other user behaviors, start-ups, independent contractors, and other agencies must have great websites available with excellent UI&UX design, adaptability, efficiency, and responsiveness.

‍Two key factors that led to 10k+ sales

There are a few important characteristics that set an excellent website apart from a mediocre one, without judging the services or product descriptions offered by online businesses.

Easy adaptability

The Webflow platform really is one of the best options when you plan to get your business online. Why? With Webflow you’ll get completely drag-and-drop options for your business personalization.

This gives you fast adaptability and makes it easier for you to get online without the need to hire an entire team for designing and developing your business website.

The no-code platforms are constantly multiplying and evolving due to the high demand for their use. Just in 5 years, the interest has grown by almost 700% according to exploding topics.

A graph of the rising statisics for the use of the keyword low-code throughout 5 years, with a +691% growth

Exploding topics

With the growth of no-code platforms, new doors are being created for many creatives, solopreneurs, small business agencies, etc.

We always have ideas that we can bring to life but because of lacking the resources to do so, we postpone them, usually until it makes no sense to put effort into it anymore.

But with the low to no-code solutions, we are more enthusiastic about materializing that idea or starting a business.

In our case, Weblow is a game changer when it comes to creating adaptable website solutions, with easy customization and personalization. The right solution to what many freelancers and small businesses need.

Creating efficient and responsive templates

Efficiency means having the ability to move quickly and easily and the outcome of that action to be positive. One can be quick but not necessarily successful in easily taking action and vice versa.

Therefore being efficient in the industry of web design, and business in general means having the ability to adapt and change quickly.

Efficiency is closely related to agility but in addition, efficiency encompasses the part of success in competitive and shakable environments. Our efforts in creating responsive website templates have a special dedication from start to finish.

We try to assure usability and satisfaction to the users by designing and developing templates to render well across a variety of devices and window or screen sizes, from the smallest to the largest display size.

In the following, we’ll go through the features and qualities these templates have to offer that become so popular and reached over 10k+ sales combined.

There is nothing quite like how a professional develops and narrates his success. Professional portfolios are a great chance to highlight and showcase your entire career in one place in the most creative way.

A portfolio helps you put together your core values, experience, and vision to create a story that allows others to see your work and what you are capable of.

Ingenium website template

Ingenium is a personal portfolio template that we built for professionals to illuminate their work. Hundreds of creators launched their websites with the Ingenium template which helps them to stay at the top of their game.

A showcase of the Ingenium webflow portoflio template

Ingenium is among the most likable portfolio templates created in Webflow, with many professionals firing their work with it since the template launch. It highlights your work with a clean, flawless design — and yes, it is modern, fully responsive, and dynamic, perfect for all creators.

Ingenium covers everything you need for your website — you can use the power of Webflow CMS to add dynamic content that makes your portfolio completely structured and ready to shine. Among many creators who launched their sites with our Webflow template, Bixon is an example of how Ingenium has been put to work successfully.

The marketing agency creates high-quality content uniquely. And they found exactly what they were looking for, a perfectly styled and easy-to-customize website for their agency — and Webflow’s code-free designed tools have fit amazingly.

A preview of the “selected work” section from Bixon’s website

One of the best ways to launch your startup is through an attractive website which is the place to exhibit and showcase your products and services as an entrepreneur. Webflow delivers startup companies a simple way to scale their web presence.

Bold website template

An enormous number of startups decided to launch their product and services with Bold. Designed and built for mobile apps, we created the template for fashionable companies that look to launch with a superior modern website.

Bold Webflow website template preview, showing a phone on the hero section and the text Meet Bold in the background

Bold is a unique one-page theme that is fully dynamic and responsive, filled with interactions and animations that give your website a new level of attention and interactivity. It will bring your designs to life with rich elements that compile your page differently.

Racketstats is a pure example that integrated the Bold template adapting its features perfectly. A modern and exclusive database system that uses a unique analytic approach to improve the tennis game with easy-to-use stats tracking for players, coaches, and pros.

A part of the Racketstat’s website redesign from the Webflow website Bold template

For their mobile app site launching, Racketstats saw Bold as the appropriate template for its seamless animation and 100% customization. They weren’t simply looking for the latest design trends for their website, but they also needed speed, and that is where Bold performs best with high optimization and lightning load speed.


The best ideas are the implemented ideas, and this is what we do best. We help you bring your ideas to life by putting the groundwork for scale and adaptability for your further business growth. Check out our two Webflow, Bold and Ingenium templates that generated more than 10k+ sales, and what helped us succeed in this.

Explore our other business industry website template collection.

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