Webflow Templates into Successful SaaS Websites - Showcase 2

Webflow Templates into Successful SaaS Websites - Showcase 2
Jul 4, 2023

As the age-old proverb states, "One shoe does not fit all,” here at Wedoflow we recognize the diverse needs and preferences of individuals, and thus are thrilled to present another collection of awe-inspiring Webflow templates transformed into fully functional websites. This new showcase brings more choices to be inspired from, for each and every one of you.

We know that finding the perfect design that aligns with your vision can be quite a daunting decision. Thus to make it easy for you, building upon the success of our previous article, we present to you the second showcase of SaaS Webflow website examples.

Webflow Templates to Astonishing Websites

This extended collection aims to provide you with even more options, ensuring that your design and inspiration needs are thoroughly satisfied.

Here are 10 website examples inspired by Webflow SaaS templates:

1. Tarteel - SaaS Webflow Website

A gif showcasing the hero section of Tarteel website

Tarteel is an AI-powered Quran companion app that enhances Quran memorization for Muslims. It provides real-time feedback on recitation, identifies mistakes, and strengthens existing memorization.

The app allows users to interact with the Quran using their voice, and offers features like voice search, follow-along highlighting, streak tracking, and more, whilst also supporting over 112 Quran translations in different world languages. It is used by millions of users worldwide. 

Having its design personalized from the Bold SaaS Webflow Template and also adding a Blog page, the Tarteel team created a marvelous website redesign, showcasing their app features indeed boldly, using beautiful calls to action, captivating the users' attention, and leaving a lasting impression on their minds. 

2. Vachark - SaaS Webflow Website

Preview of Vachark website

Vachark a San Franciso start-up founded in 2020, is a provider of customized, data-driven Account-Based Marketing services for B2B SaaS companies. Vachark aims to revolutionize lead generation and growth strategies by delivering tailored solutions that maximize return on investment.

By leveraging the Berlin Webflow template, Vachark created a clean layout with intuitive navigation and responsive design. You can easily explore the site's services, case studies, and blog, providing you with an engaging user experience.

The minimalist aesthetic perfectly complements Vachark's branding and highlights their focus on delivering innovative marketing solutions.

3. Elves - SaaS Webflow Website

A gif showcasing the beautiful scrolling animation of elves website

Elves is a travel app that connects you with local travel experts (elves) who provide 24/7 chat support. They help you plan your trip, offer recommendations, handle bookings for flights, hotels, local experiences, transportation, and more. With a focus on personalized assistance and a secure community, Elves ensures you have a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Inspired by the Bold Webflow template, the Elves team created a beautiful site redesign featuring a beautiful color palette, reflecting the brand’s key occupation — travel. The intuitive design, smooth animations, and beautiful images make your user experience memorable. 

4. Pasttech - SaaS Webflow Website

A gif showing the animations on the homepage of Passtech website

Pasttech.co is a SaaS website built on the Berlin Webflow template. It offers an innovative solution for managing and organizing tasks, enabling users to increase productivity and efficiency, saving you from spending hours on managing your administrative tasks.

The site provides a sleek and modern design that perfectly aligns with the platform's functionality and showcases its features effectively.

5. Micco - SaaS Webflow Website

Micco website scrolling animation

Micco is an all-in-one mobile banking solution designed specifically for immigrants. Their goal is to bridge the gap in cross-border finance and provide essential financial services tailored to the unique needs of immigrants.

With features like seamless integration with popular payment methods, quick and hassle-free setup of a French IBAN, and round-the-clock customer service, Micco empowers immigrants to manage their finances with ease and peace of mind. 

By combining the functionality of the Bold template with Micco's unique features, they have created a design that not only looks visually appealing but also enhances usability and accessibility for users.

6. Boodil - SaaS Webflow Website 

Boodil website gif preview

Boodil is a cardless payment solution that revolutionizes customer spending. It provides a secure and cost-effective way for customers to make transactions.

Customers earn redeemable points, rewards, and entries into exclusive prize draws for their purchases. Boodil also offers merchants the opportunity to integrate it as an alternative payment method, enabling faster, safer, and more rewarding transactions.

Taking the London Webflow template as a foundation, the site’s design offers an appeal with its contrasting colors in key elements, guiding the visitors' attention to take the desired actions on their website.

7. Horizon - SaaS Webflow Website

A gif preview of the homepage of Horzion website

Horizon is an innovative app that empowers individuals to make conscious choices and reduce their environmental impact. By scanning barcodes, users can access local recycling instructions for thousands of products, contributing to a transparent and circular food system.

With over 20,000 downloads, Horizon leads the way in the UK, providing accurate recycling guidance through crowd-sourced data. It collaborates with stakeholders, offers educational content, and strives to create a world without waste. 

Inspired by the Bold SaaS template while having a bold vision for a sustainable future made the Horizon team come up with a beautiful site redesign, put in a clean layout ensuring you to easily track your progress, explore educational content, and contribute to the community's recycling efforts.

8. Everydoor - SaaS Webflow Website

A gif showing the homepage of Everydoor website

Everydoor is a platform for the CPG industry that provides dynamic sell sheets and tools to help brands streamline their selling process and drive growth. They offer customizable sell sheets that update in real-time, along with features like on-the-go access, file sharing, and data management.

Everydoor aims to modernize workflows and enhance collaboration for CPG brands, enabling them to sell better and build lasting brands. Inspired by the Berlin template, the site with a clean and modern design showcases the company’s expertise in innovative technology solutions.

9. Vidafan - SaaS Webflow Website

Vidafan website gif preview

Vidafan is a sports app where you as passionate sports fans, can immerse yourself in the ultimate sports experience. The app offers you to stay connected, engaged, and up-to-date with all things sports. You can also discover a vibrant community of fellow fans, where you can discuss the latest games, trends, and showcase your sports knowledge. 

Moreover, you can engage directly with brands in a more personalized way and explore their marketplace to find authentic merchandise of your favorite sports teams and athletes. The site, inspired by the Bold template, showcases the app in a beautiful way, with lovely visuals and intuitive navigation. 

10. Notim - SaaS Webflow Template

Gif preview of Notim website

Notim is an application catering to craftsmen and building professionals. It offers features like appointment scheduling, quote and invoice creation, project management, document sharing, and accounting support. The platform aims to streamline administrative tasks and promote business efficiency for its users.

Having the Aura Webflow template as a bedrock, Notim provides users with a visually captivating interface that allows them to showcase their application in the best way possible, providing the users with a thrilling experience, intuitive design with beautiful animations and interactions, and other sleek design elements that keep the users engaged.


In conclusion, this showcase of Webflow templates transformed into successful SaaS websites further demonstrates the power of Webflow’s ability for customization and design in creating unique and engaging online experiences. 

These redesigned websites effectively communicate the brand identities of their respective SaaS platforms, and on the other hand highlight the versatility and adaptability of Webflow templates, encouraging businesses to leverage the platform to create remarkable websites that captivate their target audiences.

With Webflow, businesses can unlock endless possibilities for stunning and functional website designs. As we try to keep you updated with the latest updates in the world of the web design industry and Webflow design in particular, make sure to follow us on our socials and check our blog for more insights, guides, and inspiration.

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