Webflow Templates into Successful SaaS Websites - Showcase 1

Webflow Templates into Successful SaaS Websites - Showcase 1
Jun 22, 2023

Choosing a well-designed and functional website plays a crucial role in the success of any business. Websites today serve as virtual storefronts; they act as the first point of contact for potential customers. A professionally crafted website not only enhances brand credibility but also helps in capturing leads, converting visitors into paying customers and retaining existing users.

In this age of online shopping, it has become commonplace for us to seek out YouTube videos and written reviews to gain insights into the real experiences and thoughts of people who have used the products we are interested in. This approach allows us to obtain a clearer understanding of a product's specifics and capabilities before making a purchase decision.

That is why, to bring you a similar “review” experience, we chose to display some of our sold Webflow SaaS templates and their makeovers from our clients, so you can see and experience the potential of our Webflow templates, and get inspired to design your future website with ease and launch your SaaS product with confidence.

Why choose Webflow templates?

Webflow templates are pre-designed website layouts that offer a time and cost-efficient solution for creating professional websites. They offer visually stunning designs and full customization options, serving as an excellent starting point for building unique websites that perfectly align with your brand. 

Webflow's intuitive visual editor answers the main question "What is Webflow used for?". This drag-and-drop design feature eliminates the need for coding expertise, while Webflow's responsive design ensures a seamless user experience across devices. With the help of the visual editor, you can design from scratch or select a template, and modify it to your preference. 

By selecting the latter, you both spend less time when making a website, and yet you are still able to keep a distinctive website from others that might have bought the same template, by making different modifications inside the visual canvas to make your website look according to your preference. 

In addition, Webflow also features integrated hosting and a content management system (CMS) that further simplifies website management. This empowers users to quickly launch visually appealing, responsive, and customizable websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

From Webflow Templates to Astonishing Websites

As the SaaS industry has seen tremendous growth in the last 8 years, we want to bring and show some beautiful use cases of Webflow SaaS templates, highlighting examples by different users and showing their utilization of Webflow customization features to come up with distinctive websites, reflecting their brand image and design preferences. 

Here are 10 Webflow website examples of different Wedoflow SaaS templates and their beautiful redesigns:

1. Brainr - SaaS Webflow Website

The beautiful homepage interface of Brainr.co website

Brainr is a company aiming to transform the process management and operation of factories. Their goal is to improve efficiency rates and lead to exceptional yields by enabling smarter processes and seamlessly integrating operations. You can think of Brainr as the intelligent brain of the factory, overseeing workflow, production processes, warehouse operations, and much more.

Using Brainr you’ll be able to have a complete overview of everything that is happening in your factory in real time. This helps decision-makers across farms and processing plants to efficiently and profitably run operations, fostering smarter, faster, and more competitive factories and employees.

Brainr features a beautiful website with an intuitive design. Inspired by the Bristol Webflow template, they created a beautiful website makeover. Featuring a modern one-page website design, with functionalities presented in a clear and concise manner,  they provide a seamless design and engaging user experience. 

2. Baby Fade Golf - SaaS Webflow Website

A screenshot of Baby Fade Golf website application showcase

Baby Fade Golf SaaS Website, is a showcase of the golf Apple store application. With Baby Fade you can effortlessly track your golf scores and pinpoint areas for practice. It also helps you to get precise distances with the help of its GPS rangefinder. This handy tool allows you to log scores, enjoy friendly competitions, and maintain a handicap.

Leveraging the features of the Black SaaS Webflow template, Baby Fade created a beautiful showcase of their app. Showing their app interface with the stunning Webflow scrolling animation, and exhibiting the other features, including score tracking, rangefinder, and more below, Black Fade managed to beautifully utilize this template to their design preferences.

3. ToReach - SaaS Webflow Website

A preview of the german marketing platform Toreach.de website homepage

ToReach is a German comprehensive marketing automation platform that enables businesses to streamline their marketing efforts, automate repetitive tasks, and drive customer engagement. Their platform integrates various marketing channels and provides valuable insights to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies.

The ToReach website, built using the responsive and easy to customize Bristol Webflow Template, showcases the platform's capabilities in a visually stunning manner. With its sleek design and smooth animations, the website effectively communicates the benefits of using ToReach for marketing automation.

The Webflow template's customizable features allowed ToReach to tailor the website to their specific branding and design preferences, where amongst others, they also added a Blog part for their site.

4. AgenciPattern - SaaS Webflow Website

A screenshot of agencipattern.co dark theme website interface

Agencipattern is a platform and an application created for agency owners to start and scale their agencies. As a partner client acquisition company, it helps agencies build their infrastructures and scale their business to high figures. 

The website showcases a professional and modern aesthetic based on the Aurora Webflow SaaS template, reflecting the platform's purpose of assisting agency owners in starting and scaling their businesses.

It has a clean and organized layout, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. Visual elements and imagery are used strategically to convey the platform's potential for growth and success in the agency industry.

5. Brixor SaaS Webflow Website

A preview of the Brixor.com website homepage interface

Brixor is a provider of premium solutions for renovating, coloring, and protecting grouts in all tiled spaces. Developed by the Dutch company VoegXpert, they produce environmentally friendly products that have undergone extensive lab testing. Having been in the market in the Netherlands since 2012, they now have expanded to other European markets, with dealers in Germany, Norway, and Sweden. 

Expanding their market presence, they also ventured into the online shopping sphere. By utilizing the Aurora Ecommerce SaaS template as a foundation, they crafted an impressive website and enhanced its design through the customization options offered by the Webflow visual canvas

They carefully incorporated a color palette that resonated with their brand identity and crafted a sleek and user-friendly interface with captivating call-to-action elements that effectively boost conversion rates.

Another worthy mention that used the Aurora template until recently is the successful Jasper.ai website, a copywriting tool powered by artificial intelligence, remarked as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies!

6. Amirra - SaaS Webflow Website

A screenshot of the homepage interface of Amirra.io website

Amirra is an automated Digital Employee Retention Assistant that streamlines onboarding, internal communication, community building, and member engagement. By consolidating community and culture into one integrated platform, Amirra eliminates busy work, increases engagement, and provides actionable insights to improve company culture. 

Amirra's captivating interface and seamless functionality embody the essence of a well-designed digital solution. Drawing inspiration from the Bristol Webflow Template, Amirra offers a user-friendly experience and with its visually appealing elements and smooth scrolling animations Amirra reflects the underlying design excellence that drives its efficiency. 

7. FileRead - SaaS Webflow Website

An image of the simple and beautiful homepage of fileread.ai website

Fileread is a powerful AI tool that simplifies file navigation and information extraction. It saves you valuable time by swiftly finding the information you need, keeps your files secure, and empowers your team by handling complex tasks. 

Using its AI capabilities you can find precise answers directly from the source, just by asking in plain English. It scales easily to any workload and utilizes advanced natural language processing technology, providing human-like responses.

Leveraging the smooth and optimized user experience of the Italic SaaS Webflow Template, FileRead created a website that exemplifies the platform's ease of use and functionality. The website showcases FileRead's testimonials, and other key features in a visually appealing and informative manner.

8. Smilelink - SaaS Webflow Website

A homepage preview of the Smile link cryptocurrency website

Smilelink is a SaaS platform that helps people in investing in crypto assets with security and simplicity. Their website, built on the London Webflow template, features a sleek and modern design that helps users confidently navigate the world of crypto investments with ease and peace of mind.

9. Worklog.ai - SaaS Webflow Website

A screenshot of worklog.ai website interface

Worklog is a time-tracking tool tailored for software engineers. It offers fast logging, autocomplete, status sharing, mentoring, approvals, and other features. It helps users save up to 50% of time spent on time tracking.

Personalizing the Vancouver SaaS Webflow Template, the Worklog team created a beautiful responsive website, showcasing a clean and visually appealing interface.

10. The Venture Building Bible - SaaS Webflow Website

A screenshot of theventurebuildingbible.com website interface

The Venture Building Bible is an online resource that provides guidance and insights for entrepreneurs looking to build successful startups. From ideation to funding and scaling, The Venture Building Bible offers valuable knowledge and resources to navigate the startup landscape.

With the help of the Italic SaaS Webflow Template, The Venture Building Bible created a website that serves as a comprehensive hub for startup-related information.

The template's layout and customization options enabled them to organize their content effectively and present it in an engaging manner. The website features articles, guides, and success stories, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable insights and inspiration.


Showcasing these 10 examples of up-and-running websites inspired by our premium and tailored templates demonstrates the versatility and customization potential of Webflow templates for creating successful SaaS or any other websites.

By starting with a well-designed template and leveraging Webflow's intuitive editor, businesses can create unique and visually stunning websites that capture their brand identity and effectively communicate their offerings. 

Whether it's a time-tracking tool, an AI platform, or an information-finding solution, Webflow templates provide a solid foundation for building compelling SaaS websites that drive user engagement and business growth. 

Here at Wedoflow we regularly share insights that are catered for Webflow users and web designers in general. If you like these template redesigns, stay tuned for our next posts showcasing other stunning Webflow templates and their unique makeovers. Check out other blog articles for more inspiration!

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