Portfolio Website Examples for Students

Portfolio Website Examples for Students
Mar 4, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of academia and professional growth, creating a compelling online presence is vital for students and not only by creating a personal website. 

But what is a portfolio website?

In the simplest terms, a portfolio website is a digital platform where individuals showcase their work, accomplishments, and skills to present a comprehensive overview of their professional or creative capabilities. 

It serves as a personalized online portfolio, allowing users to exhibit their projects, achievements, and experiences to potential employers, clients, or collaborators.

Introduction to Webflow Templates for Student Portfolios 

Webflow templates seamlessly marry functionality with aesthetics, catering to the distinctive needs of diverse academic disciplines. Whether you're an art enthusiast, an aspiring web developer, or an engineering student, Webflow provides versatility without the complexities of coding. It empowers students to establish their online identity effortlessly.

Our journey explores the transformative potential of Webflow templates, setting the stage for an engaging and impactful personal portfolio resonating with your unique identity and goals. 

Throughout this exploration, we'll delve into showcasing how Webflow templates align with the search intent of those seeking accessible yet powerful tools to craft their online presence. Join us as we unravel the comprehensive solutions Webflow offers, allowing you to present a polished and professional website that truly reflects your passions and ambitions.

Showcasing Webflow Templates for Students

Let us not waste any additional time and let’s dive into the heart of portfolio website designs that would suit you as a student.

First, here is the list for easy accessibility;

  1. Miami Webflow template – Creatives, Designers
  2. Istanbul Webflow template – Architects
  3. Marrakesh Webflow template – Designers, Creatives
  4. Ingenium Webflow template – Creatives, Product Design, Brand Design
  5. Austin Webflow template – Developers
  6. Kansas Webflow template – UI/UX Designers
  7. Andora Webflow template – Designers, Photographers
  8. Nevada Webflow template – Creatives, Product Designers, Developers
  9. Alaska Webflow template – Designers, Writers, Photographers
  10. Firenze Webflow template – Brand Design, Designers, Creatives, UI/UX designers

Embarking on our exploration of Webflow templates, we now dive into the heart of personalized portfolio creation. In this chapter, we will meticulously examine handpicked templates, unraveling their unique features and demonstrating how they cater to the diverse needs of students across various academic disciplines. 

1. Miami Webflow template

This Miami template is a One-page template and it’s super easy to be customized. This design is perfect for a clean and simple student portfolio example who likes to be presented with big and bold fonts. This type of design provides confidence, creativity, and professionalism which are must-have assets when planning to sell your skills to a wider audience.

Webflow template Miami, perfect for student portfolio
Miami Webflow template

The Miami Webflow template includes CMS and eCommerce features as well as giving the user the flexibility to grow its audience through providing insightful and valuable content.

The Miami template like all the rest of our templates is developed with proper tags and other SEO best practices in mind. All you need to do is personalize it with your branded content and you will be ready to climb in Google rankings.

As a portfolio website design, the Miami template is perfect for those who are in search of minimal clicks until the full customization. Pre-designed animations are a super valuable asset this template has. They captivate easily, and their performance is super smooth.

Enough said, here’s the live preview link of the Miami Webflow portfolio template. 

2. Istanbul Webflow template

We all love great architecture right?! Well, we prepared something for the people behind the scenes as well.

Our dedication to providing a Webflow template for architects is finalized with the Istanbul portfolio for students. We wanted to set the stage for them, so they could show off to the audiences easily and fast.  

Webflow template Istanbul, a portfolio for students of architecture
Istanbul Webflow template

With the Istanbul template, students can build a personal website that reflects their architecture skills but not only. This template is suitable for creating your future art portfolio website as well.

Animations and interactions are balanced for a modern and creative way of interacting with your website visitors.

Explore the world of architecture with the Istanbul template. 

3. Marrakesh Webflow template

For those who want to see the boundaries of web design being pushed to the limits, check the Marrakesh template. This template is a design that suits to personalize portfolio for students that study art, design, and other creative majors.

Webflow template Marrakesh, a portfolio website design
Marrakesh Webflow template

The Marrakesh template is known for its simplicity and modern design. With this design, we wanted to bring something special to the community of students, something that does not necessarily need to follow every rule in the book.

Here is the Marrakesh template design.

4. Ingenium Webflow template

Our Ingenium template is one of our earliest and best-performing premium templates ever. Why? Because it is captivating, it is creative, and it has unique animations that perform smoothly.

With the Ingenium Webflow template, students can create a personal website with ease and showcase their work with confidence. 

Ingenium Webflow portfolio template- a digital portfolio for students
Ingenium Webflow template

The Ingenium template is a top pick for building a portfolio for any student who is studying art, design, product design, and other fields of study.

Explore the Ingenium template and decide for yourself.

5. Austin Webflow template

Until now we covered mostly templates for creative and web design personal portfolios for students. We would like to present you with a Webflow template design that is crafted for code lovers. 

It is designed to show their passion for tech and coding from the opening animation in the hero section until the footer. Students can showcase their skills and projects with this clean and dark mode design to their prospective clients. 

Austin Webflow template, a personal website resumet for engineering portfolio example
Austin Webflow template

This Webflow template is perfect for a personal portfolio because it is super easy to customize and maintain. SEO features are well-built and optimized, all you need to do is, personalize with your branded content.   

Explore and find inspiration from this web developer portfolio website if you don’t like it in every aspect and then start personalizing it or just start from scratch if that suits you best. This Webflow template is perfect for an engineering portfolio example as well. 

CMS features are built to expose your website to a wider audience with your insightful writings and your projects.

Dive into the Austin Webflow template and start building your dream.

6. Kansas Webflow template 

If you are a junior designer or still a student and thinking of embarking on the UI/UX design journey, then consider the Kansas template.

Webflow template Kansas, a perfect portfolio for students that are in the word of UI/UX design
Kansas Webflow template 

This template offers everything you need for your portfolio website design. The animations on this template are well balanced with the rest of the design and the interactions are just top-notch.

7. Andora Webflow template

Your portfolio’s new best friend is just here. If you want to reflect your skills and your work in a truly professional yet simple approach, then this template is just the right one for you.

Andora Webflow template a great design to build a personal website
Andora Webflow template

With the Andora template, you as a student have the freedom to customize every aspect of your portfolio based on your needs and desires. Built with no code, means you don’t have to deal with it either.
Get a sneak peek at the Andora Webflow template and tailor the design to your preferences.

8. Nevada Webflow template 

Our collection of portfolio examples for students is enriched with the Nevada template, which can easily adapted and used as a personal portfolio.

What makes the Nevada template unique are its impactful animations and the clear messages it conveys to the audience. If you don’t have the skills of a developer or a tech geek, no worries because you are covered. 

Nevada Webflow template, personal website example
Nevada Webflow template 

Web personalization of the Nevada template with your branded colors, fonts and more is just a step away from happening. With drag-and-drop functionalities, updating the Nevada Webflow template and creating a portfolio for students is a matter of hours.

This template is perfect for creatives, photographers, web designers, product designers, developers, and more. Brand yourself with this template and start generating by creating portfolios for others as well.

To help you attract organic traffic, we designed the template with CMS and E-commerce features. Share valuable insights to help the community learn something new, a how-to tutorial, and build your online community.

9. Alaska Webflow template 

Not a long time ago, thinking of having a personal website was quite a big challenge due to the technical skills needed to develop such a website. Paying someone to do the design and development wasn’t an easy task either. 

With the development of the no-code platforms, these obstacles have evaporated. With little to no knowledge we can launch a personal website by personalizing a professional-designed template and with a few clicks make it go live on the internet.

Having said this, our Webflow portfolio template Alaska is your soulmate. This template design has a clean and distinguished design that showcases the skills and the personality of the portfolio owner. 

Alaska Webflow template -, a digital portfolio for students and not only
Alaska Webflow template 

You can customize the Alaska template super easily, be it updating images, fonts, colors, and more. This way you will have an awesome personal website resume. This design is best for designers, writers, photographers, and other related occupations.

After building your personal portfolio we advise you to share it with your colleagues, relatives, and social channels. Let others know that you have a personal website and showcase what you do best.

10. Firenze Webflow template 

For anyone who is looking to shine and captivate in the online community, then the Firenze template is just what you need. Big images, fine-tuned and professional font, warm colors, and more, will turn a personal website into a career booster.

Firenze Webflow template, art portfolio website
Firenze Webflow template

The Firenze template is an online booster with its stunning homepage hero section and clean layout that breathes life into your content. Simply put, this design is your online gallery, easily attracting leads. The Firenze Webflow template is perfect for; product designers, web designers, UI/UX designers, and other creative professionals.


All of the above Webflow templates have the CMS and E-commerce feature to help you get to a wider audience and aim for conversions.

These are just a few of the designs that we revealed so you can get inspired grab a template and personalize it for your website. Explore other personal portfolios for students in our rich collection of personal website templates. 

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