Premium One-Page Website examples

Premium One-Page Website examples
Jan 17, 2023

A one-page template, just as the name suggests, is a website design approach that displays all the information and content of a website on a single page, rather than spreading it out across multiple pages.

Why choose one-pager templates? Because, one-page templates provide a quick and easy way to summarize key information in a visually appealing format.

One Page web design characteristics

These templates generally feature different divided sections, each one displaying specific details, like an introduction, services, portfolio, and contact information. Users are able to navigate between these sections by either scrolling or clicking on designated links that jump to that section of the page. That is one of the one-page rules that make navigation and browsing easy for the visitors.

The designs are minimalistic in nature, focusing on emphasizing simplicity and usability. They offer responsive designs adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring you get the best user experience. 

Anchor links are utilized in one-page templates to facilitate smooth navigation by allowing users to quickly jump to specific sections of the content. Another technique that one-page templates commonly use is parallax scrolling, which creates a sense of depth and an artificial 3D effect as the user scrolls through the page.

One-page website designers often use animations and micro-interactions such as hover effects, pop-ups, and sliders to make the website more engaging and interactive. They as well use background videos, icons, and graphics to add a dynamic visual element to the page and convey information.

A simple and minimalistic footer is usually present that contains basic information about the website, such as its title and contact details. All of these design features combine to create a unique and immersive user experience.

Advantages of one-page templates

There are several advantages to using a one-page template:

  • A responsive design with compatibility across devices
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - they allow efficient usage of important keywords and phrases
  • Popular for small businesses, personal websites, and landing pages
  • Great for mobile platforms, featuring exceptional user-friendliness
  • Speed optimization - they offer speed and simplicity in browsing throughout the page
  • Cheap to develop and maintain - eliminate the waste of your time and capital resources
  • Browser compatibility - the likelihood of cross-browser compatibility issues is significantly reduced

Types of One-Page website templates

Even though one-page template are a web category itself, there are various types of one-page websites depending what and how it aims to represent the service or the product. Check the main types listed below.

1. Landing Pages 

In order to drive a specific marketing or advertising campaign we use landing pages. Visitors “land” on this page after clicking on a link in an email, social media post, or an online ad. The ultimate goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads or customers by providing them with a single, focused goal, such as subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or filling out a form.

They typically include features like an engaging headline, a clear call-to-action, and information that is relevant to the visitor. Furthermore, when it comes to the use of animations and interactions, the use of the Webflow parallax scrolling feature is particularly effective in the design of a one-page landing website.

Check out these suggestions below:

Berlin website template
Berlin Webflow template. Inspiring example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template – Berlin

Berlin is a premium Webflow landing page template built for tech startups and SaaS companies, both desktop and mobile. It features not only a novel stunning design but also the latest animations with smooth and innovative interactions and splendid graphics.

It is fully customizable and responsive on any device type and screen, giving you the fastest possible browsing experience.

Springfield website template
Springfield webflow template. Inspiring example of premium One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template – Springfield

Springfield is a cutting-edge, one page website application template that boasts unique, interactive animations to make a lasting impression on users and keep them captivated.

Showcasing your dashboard in a sleek and visually appealing way, this template has been expertly crafted to seamlessly adapt to any screen, eliminating the need to worry about device compatibility.

Vancouver website template
Vancouver webflow template. Inspiring dark theme example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template - Vancouver

Introducing Vancouver, another exquisite one-page template. This template features a stunning dark theme that draws the reader's focus to the data, making it easy to read and understand. Suitable for a variety of industries, it enables you to effectively and efficiently manage your business within a visually pleasing and compact layout.

2. Portfolios

Creating a one page personal website can be a quick and easy way to establish an online presence. A one-page portfolio website offers a great choice for creatives looking to share their work in a visually appealing way. They usually are pre-designed website themes or layouts that serve as the base for creating an online portfolio.

Typically included are customizable sections that display work samples, an image gallery, a blog section to write about projects, and contact information. These templates can be used by individuals such as artists, photographers, designers, and developers, as well as businesses, to showcase their work and establish a professional online presence.

Take a look at our one pager portfolio template below:

Naura portfolio website template
Naura Webflow website template. Dark mode inspiring example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template – Naura

Naura helps your projects stand out from the competition through its attention to detail and visually stunning dark-mode design. It is perfect for freelancers in design, or other creative professionals to come up with a strong online presence and showcase their work in a visually appealing way.

The template’s elegant animations add a touch of sophistication to the page design, making your project timeless. It is optimized for all screen sizes, ensuring that your work looks good on any device.

3. Business templates

If you need to present all the crucial information about a business on a single webpage, business one page templates are the way to go.

These templates are ideal for businesses that desire a straightforward, easy-to-navigate website that emphasizes their key products or services, contact details, and other essential information. They typically use a minimalist design and have a clean and modern look. Listed below are two one page website examples utilized by businesses:

Italic business website template
Italic Webflow website template. Gradient inspiring example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template - Italic

Italic is a one pager web application template that brings your vision to life and makes your project memorable. Tailored with user experience in mind, this template boasts a visually pleasing design and user-friendly layout, ensuring that your customers will have a positive experience.

With Italic, you can be assured that your project will be easy to navigate and enjoyable for all, making it suitable for a wide range of projects and uses.

Bold app website template
Bold Webflow app website template. Modern example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template – Bold

Bold is a mobile app template designed specifically for startups. With this template, you can showcase your app features in a dynamic and interactive way, providing users with an immersive and captivating experience. The template's striking and distinctive style will help you differentiate yourself from competitors and showcase your project with pride. 

4. Single products or service templates 

Crafted solely to showcase a single product or service, they typically present all the relevant information about the product or service on a single page. Usually, that includes a description, images, pricing, and a way to make a purchase or get in touch with the company for additional information.

These templates often have a clear call-to-action and a form for visitors to complete. They can be used by businesses of any size and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the product or service being promoted.

Shanghai product website template
Shanghai Webflow web product template. Awesome example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template – Shanghai

Shanghai is a single product landing page template built and designed with your product in mind. It features an elegant minimalistic design with engaging animations and interactions, giving you an enjoyable experience and making your product stand out from the crowd.

With e-commerce built-in, this is the best single-product website template you can use to sell your product, having all the necessary features included like the shop cart, the specs, the payment gateway, etc.

Bristol app website template
Bristol Webflow website template.Application template example of One Page template for landing page – Webflow template build by Wedoflow
Webflow One-page website template – Bristol

Bristol is the newest addition to our one page template collection. It boasts a visually striking design, featuring the latest animations and interactions. With its elegant icons and illustrations, it is the perfect choice for SaaS companies to launch their products on a polished and professional website.

Optimized with a responsive design and support for any screen, it loads your information fast, giving you a pleasant browsing experience. The template comes with dark mode compatibility, reducing your eye strain and improving your reading experience at night and in low-light conditions.

Pre-built templates vs. Custom-designed

As you may assume based on the name, pre-built templates are templates that are already designed and ready to go. They offer a pre-designed layout with customizable design elements such as images, text, color scheme, etc., which can be customized with your own content and branding.

They offer benefits like cost-effectiveness both in time and money resources, speed in implementation, cross-browser and device compatibility, and also come with a wide variety of templates to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Custom-designed websites, on the other hand, are tailored customarily for the different needs of clients. Despite having advantages like a unique design constructed for you, increased search engine optimization, etc., they are significantly more expensive and take longer to complete.

Furthermore, you need to consider that they also need more maintenance and updates than pre-built templates, and specialized skills along with expertise, which can be more difficult to find.


One-page templates are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and individuals looking to create a simple yet effective online presence. They offer a clean and streamlined design that is easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Their usage is versatile and also cost-effective because they don’t require additional pages to design and on top of that, their loading is faster since they require fewer data to be loaded.

If you are inspired by our templates, check out the other multi-page Webflow templates.

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