Why Webflow is becoming the leading E-commerce builder?

Why Webflow is becoming the leading E-commerce builder?
Oct 26, 2022

Global e-commerce sales are growing at unexpected rates, with 5 trillion to reach in 2022 and heading to 6 trillion in 2024. With the e-commerce growth that keeps soaring, more competitiveness arises between business owners. 

But staying on top of e-commerce trends is not an easy path - that’s why is important to remain competitive, identifying new powers and opportunities.

Online stores are popping up every day and each one of them needs high creativity so they can take advantage of a well-designed website they use to launch their products or services to increase sales.

People are usually hesitant when starting new e-commerce because of too many options in front and not being sure where to start. With the industry booming, you surely need the right platform to stand out from the crowd. 

Webflow vs other platforms

We will break down why Webflow has the advantage over other platforms and why it offers everything for a unique e-commerce experience for your customers.

Webflow the ecommerce solution - Wedoflow

As Webflow says:

Your products are unique. Your store should be too.

There are many e-commerce builders out there, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Shopify, and even though they offer drag-and-drop properties, at the end of the day we run into the problem of customization. 

All these platforms have the tools to build a functional online store but constantly restrict the opportunity to make creative works.

Whether you pick WooCommerce, Squarespace, or Shopify to design your shop, you will need to add extra coding work, because you don’t have the freedom to customize the page layout.

On the other hand, Webflow has everything to help you create stunning integrations and experiences for a store to stand out. Webflow lets you customize the product fields and the opportunity to highlight those specific product features that matter most. 

Webflow e-commerce, weblfow template, wedoflow

With a fully responsive layout control, you can customize your homepage and gallery for an impressive look.

Webflow gives you the space to create special animations and effects so you can focus on what’s important for your customers to provide a unique view of products and the experience of buying them.

Features that your e-commerce needs

One of the most powerful features is the ability to customize and design the shopping cart and checkout, optimized to boost conversions.

These tools are backed by detailed marketing research and industry experience, that’s why if you are hosting your e-commerce on your own, these features wouldn’t be available for you to scale your business.

Selling with Webflow e-commerce, whether your products are physical or digital is as easy as it gets, with the system doing everything for you. 

Webflow offers custom delivery options to tailor your delivery methods that fit your product best. Shipping works flawlessly, and you can customize it as you wish - create your shipping labels and automate order tracking. 

webflow e-commerce, webflow template, nft template, wedoflow

Setting up the payments is a no-brainer, and with over 200 countries allowed to buy into your store via credit card, Paypal, Apple pay, and Google pay.

But this is not all Webflow has to offer to scale your online store. You will complete your website by adding a blog to your website that is a boost for featuring your products and driving more sales to your shop. 

Further, you can create pages to launch your products, advertisements, or impactful campaigns for discounts and promotions for your customers.

Webflow has made it easy to link your products to your social media accounts. Webflow integrations will allow you to connect your product catalog to Instagram, Facebook, and Google to create innovative campaigns and more interactive social posts.

Better and flexible template designs

Most online shop owners choose a template that everyone uses, which directly puts you ahead with Webflow. Although other platforms build professional and modern templates, Webflow dominates the market with its beautifully crafted designs and unique themes. 

Unlike other builders, Webflow offers another level of customization to help you create and adapt to a store that represents your brand in everything.With an extensive number of attractive designs, Webflow has a choice of a hundred templates that are built for e-commerce websites.

There is a wide range of free and paid templates you can choose from, and the price range from $24 to $129. All the themes have a seamless design and customizability that keep them to a high professional standard. 

webflow template, e-commerce, agency, business, portfolio, designer, photography, retail - Wedoflow

We have built a number of premium templates for e-commerce that offer a unique experience for your customers. These themes have been popular among e-commerce builders since they launched, and they continue to perform brilliantly.

California, NFT Tokyo, and Boldest are among many e-commerce templates that we have created for you to hit the market with a winning design and to differentiate your store from millions out there.

These elegant e-commerce websites are built for any store and anyone with a clean design. They have all the features for a fully responsive website - able to create anything without any coding. We have created them to fit any device’s screen size and orientation. 

Build trust through unique interaction, fast loading time, and a splendid browsing experience.

In conclusion

Indeed the products you are selling are just as important as the store you are building. We are thrilled to see how shopping trends keep evolving and how Webflow follows these developments cautiously, staying close and delivering amazing and innovative technologies.

Webflow gives designers the first visual customizable e-commerce platform to build thrilling layouts and animations to make the selling and buying experience simply different. 

For more eye-popping templates to help you scale your business check our creative work and pick one to stay ahead of your competitors. 

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