Examples of startup sites built in Webflow

Examples of startup sites built in Webflow
Sep 19, 2022

No matter the industry, every company's online presence can have a great impact on its success. An online presence, particularly a website, can make or break generating leads. Therefore, showcasing your brand the right way to your customers is among the most important things you can do. 

Startups are always in a race to get their products out to the world, and they all go through many challenges and numerous changes while they develop their products. 

They usually don’t have all the resources they need. With a small team, limited budget and often working against the clock, entrepreneurs need to make the most out of it. A premium startup website is the only way to establish a solid online presence that boosts your brand’s exposure.

That’s why it’s important to have the flexibility of a web design platform that makes everything easy: from launching the website to keeping it up-to-date across all platforms and devices. See how Webflow can help your startup launch and expand in the right direction. 

Webflow has made it easy for startups to scale up their web presence as they build. Let’s explore some startups that designed their website with Webflow and what you should consider when designing your own.

Startup websites built in Webflow


A mobile wallet that changed the experience of sending, spending, and saving money. Seampay has over 100,000 customers that use secure technology to pay for anything, anywhere with a just few steps. 

Websites, especially startup websites need to make a connection with potential customers right away and Seampay does this within seconds of landing.

Seampay - startups build on Webflow

With attractive visuals and animations on their websites, Seampay offers an inspiring user experience. The design exposes clearly how the product functions work and how the platform makes everything easier for its customers.


Dentaline is a dental charting platform powered by AI to increase efficiency and make the patients' managament easier. It offers a unique experience with the most optimized dental examination. A smart tool that provides detailed analyses features to compare treatment progress through simple comprehensive charts.

Dentaline used Webflow to build a custom site to fit its specific needs. Various visuals and animations were used to display complex data and charts such as AI scanning for quick decryption and AI teeth detection with diagnose description.

Dentaline platfom, a website developed in Webflow

Dentaline managed to create a product that fulfills the needs of every dental practitioner. A platform that the world of dentistry can benefit massively from the high efficiency of this smart tool.


Writing isn’t simply words and sentences, it’s an art itself. Craft offers structure to your documents and gives you the tools and flexibility to do things in your own way. A blog post, web copy, or whatever you are writing, Craft has all the tools to make it great.

With its splendid visual elements in the design, Craft has managed to convey the message that it can help users feel like writers. You will be able to combine images, text, media, and a rich set of features that give you endless possibilities to create the perfect document.

Craft - startup with a Webflow website

Craft knows exactly what’s offering and you will immediately feel the boldness of features that will make your writing style and formatting brilliant.


An app-based car sharing platform, Getaround enables guests to find, book, and unlock nearby cars. Its mission is simple, 24/7 access to self-service cars near you. You can even make your car profitable by renting it to individuals with Getaround Connect. 

Before moving to Webflow even small changes such as headline edits required to go through traditional ways of making updates, which means product managers were responsible for monitoring the engineering time regarding product-related initiatives. 


Getaround switched to Webflow in order to take control over their website. Their marketing and designing teams operate way faster by owning website publishing and design. 

Since migrating to Webflow the company has seen incredible results:

  • Page launches take less than a week
  • 80% increase in overall site sessions
  • 55% increase in sessions from organic search

The most important thing is that teams now have more freedom to make changes and are able to launch new pages faster for high-priority projects. 


Lattice is an employee engagement platform that helps teams within companies to perform better. It offers a solution to transform the way how you invest in people by connecting performance management, employee, and career development together. 

Lattice switched from a custom-built CMS website maintained by an expensive freelancer and rebuilt its website with Webflow. "It eliminated all the developers from the process of updating the website", states Alex Kracov, Lattice Head of Marketing. 

lattice platform website built in Webflow

According to Jack Altman, Lattice’s Ceo, Webflow saves his company around $50,000 a year, with the marketing team now being more efficient and saving Lattice from expensive in-house and freelance development work. 

The flexibility of the Webflow CMS made Lattice’s marketing team more ambitious and quicker in adding and publishing content from the editor. The team has seen tremendous growth, with a 280% boost in organic traffic since switching the entire website to Webflow.

See one of the most successful CMS template created in Webflow. Bold CMS is designed to present your features dynamically and intereactively. It helped dozens of startups launch and grow immensely. 


A new approach to Credit Card. Petal uses a Cash Score based on your banking and financial history to determine your creditworthiness. It can help anyone qualify for a better credit card, it applies even if you never had credit before. You are in control of all your money in one place.

“Our website is ultimately a marketing asset, not an engineering problem. Webflow makes that a reality giving our design and marketing team full ownership” says Josh Kaplan, Director of Design at Petal. 

Petal platform website built in Webflow

The Webflow CMS enabled the opportunity to get involved with lots of people on the team to build out content. They can now add features rapidly, while constantly iterate - looking for techniques to improve the site’s performance.  

Webflow as a solution for your business

No matter in what field you operate or what type of startup you are, Webflow offers you everything needed to launch and maintain your website seamlessly. The bigger you grow the bigger the support. Webflow gives you complete control over design, with a simple editing interface that makes updating and adding new content as easy as editing a Google Doc. 

Wedoflow created splendid startup templates in Webflow that will help you scale your website presence. Check some of our beautifully crafted design templates that push companies expand in the right direction.

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