Importance of having a web portfolio

Importance of having a web portfolio
Aug 23, 2022

A professional portfolio is a collection of your accomplishments, work samples, and credentials. It could be used as paperwork or verification of your qualifications. 

Do I need a web portfolio?

If you are still wondering whether you ought to compile a private portfolio or not, based on market trends, the response is definitely YES.

Some hiring managers ask candidates to provide a portfolio as part of the application process. But whether one is needed or not, it's always best to be prepared.By using the right portfolio templates, themes, layout, and design, you may more effectively convey your personality.

You are free to design a professional portfolio website in a style that is distinctive and customized and showcase your work and the approach you use for developing ideas and products. 

There are some crucial elements that should always be included in a web portfolio prior to expressing your additional creativity because there is where your prospects can build trust and reach out if they are convinced in your work.

Must have elements of a web portfolio;

  • A brief Bio
  • Education and training
  • Skills
  • Awards received
  • Previous experience
  • What kind of projects do you love working on (in case you follow a specific niche)
  • Case studies ( very good to have if possible)
  • Contact information
  • Your personalized Logo

Incorporating the above-listed elements into your web portfolio and then playing around with our desired colors, font style, shapes, etc., will provide the audience a summary of who you are in terms of professional achievement and will express your style as well.

Benefits of having a web portfolio

Many professionals due to their job engagements don’t see the necessity to build a portfolio and therefore don’t understand the value of it, hence they keep procrastinating in building a portfolio.

Soon as we will be facing the need to change the job and start facing the need to submit our portfolio in addition to the application it can turn into a stressful situation. 

We might get frustrated why we didn’t do this earlier and now we most probably will lose any good open position that we want to apply for. 

The good thing is that others have thought of these situations and therefore solutions have been offered to overcome these challenges. Having an updated and up-and-running web portfolio, you can convince prospects easier and faster. 

This is because the audience and future prospects can view your entire professional picture when you have a professional portfolio. You might get invited to projects by doing nothing in addition to updating your portfolio and showcasing your work. 

For instance, if you are a web developer, you should highlight some of these technical web developer qualities. Some persons include work descriptions and samples together with details. Make sure to include some of your soft skills in addition to your technical skills (i.e., communication skills, environmental preserver, etc.). 

Webflow portfolio designs as a solution  

Having in mind two crucial factors in helping this poor guy get things done fast and easy, Weblfow among other platforms offers ready-to-use portfolio templates, which are easily customizable with your personal information and with easy drag and drop features.

To help you accelerate the process, here are some of our unique and lasting portfolio templates, Artful, Monochrome, Ingenium. Show off your personality, your work, and your skills in a professional, enticing, and modern fashion.

If you are looking for job opportunities for junior UI/UX designers or web designers, notice that a professional portfolio significantly increases your chances of landing a job.

So, remember, “You are the product, and your website portfolio is your marketing “pool” where others can find you.”

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