Webflow Template Marketplace Stats as of 2023

Webflow Template Marketplace Stats as of 2023
Dec 26, 2023

Ever felt the web design world was an exclusive club, speaking a language you hadn’t quite mastered? Well there is a solution for that, enter Webflow—a game-changer platform that flips the script for designers, blurring the lines between code complexity and our creative vision.

We've witnessed a seismic shift in how we craft websites, especially for those who thrive in design but grapple with code intricacies. Webflow emerges as our trusted ally, transforming intricate design aspirations into seamless, code-free realities.

Now, here's where it gets exciting. Beyond its intuitive interface lies a treasure trove of statistics that paint a compelling picture. As we speak the Webflow marketplace offers more than 3500 templates, from which only 3 categories consist of 78% of all templates, amazing right?

As we delve into the numbers, you'll witness which ones are these stellar categories and you will learn how Webflow empowers non-technical minds and accelerates other web professionals' work, providing not just templates but a gateway to design freedom. 

The popularity of Webflow templates has spread to all corners of the globe, and the trend is expected to continue. As shown in the illustration below, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India are the top three countries that prefer to browse Webflow templates.

Locations where the keyword "Webflow templates" is searched the most around the world
Keyword "Webflow templates" searched the most

The below elaborated statistics showcase more than figures, they're a testament to the democratization of web design—where statistics become stories, revealing how countless entrepreneurs, artists, and small businesses have harnessed Webflow’s prowess to bring their visions to life.

So, as we explore the statistical landscape of Webflow templates ahead, remember: these numbers aren’t just metrics, they’re glimpses into a world where design possibilities transcend coding barriers, where stats unveil a canvas of endless creativity.

We’ve gone through an in-depth statistical analysis, where we will be uncovering the latest trends and insights within the expansive realm of Webflow templates.

Counting the Templates – Our Discovery

Embarking on a thorough journey, we immersed ourselves in the vast expanse of Webflow's template universe, uncovering a wealth of options across various categories. 

During the research process, we observed and cataloged the divers templates, each a testament to Webflow’s versatility. So stay with us and let’s see some interesting insights where the Webflow community is pouring their efforts the most.

Exploring the Dominant Webflow Categories

In the realm of Webflow templates, the numbers speak volumes about user preferences and the platform's adaptability to diverse needs.

So, let’s see who is leading the pack and find out some interesting insights.

Design Webflow templates

Design templates take center stage in Webflow's marketplace due to the burgeoning community of creatives seeking an online platform to showcase their portfolios with over 1177 Webflow templates as we speak. 

Canada Webflow template

The allure of Webflow's drag-and-drop features lies in its seamless transition from design concepts to live websites, making it an ideal playground for designers who prioritize aesthetics over coding. 

This surge in design templates reflects the growing tribe of artists, graphic designers, and visual storytellers who leverage Webflow's user-friendly interface to translate their visions into captivating online experiences.

Business Webflow templates

The expansion of Business templates mirrors the never-ending surge of entrepreneurial companies rising throughout the world. From startups to small businesses, the need for a strong online presence is constant and this is shown by the collection of 893 Webflow templates.

Hamburg Webflow template

Webflow's business-centric templates cater to this need for swift, customizable solutions without the overhead of intricate coding. Entrepreneurs and business owners flock to Webflow for its intuitive tools that streamline website setup and maintenance, enabling them to focus on core operations while establishing a compelling digital footprint.

Technology Webflow templates

The Technology category's dominance is the third one with 753 awesome templates and clearly it is a testament to the rapid evolution of the tech industry and its varied facets. With startups, AI innovations, and tech-focused businesses mushrooming, Webflow becomes the canvas for their digital storefronts.

Black Plus Webflow template

The surge in these templates signifies Webflow's resonance with tech enthusiasts seeking to showcase cutting-edge concepts without the coding complexities. This category's versatility caters to a spectrum of tech-related enterprises, from software development to futuristic AI ventures, highlighting Webflow's adaptability to the dynamic tech landscape.

Blog Webflow templates

In the realm of blogging, where content reigns supreme, Webflow boasts 152 templates tailored to elevate personal and professional narratives. Blogs serve as the digital podiums for storytellers, professionals, and influencers, and these templates offer a swift gateway into the online dialogue.

Granada Webflow template

With a user-friendly interface and ready-made structures, Webflow streamlines the creation of engaging blogs without the intricacies of coding. This abundance underscores the platform's recognition of the blogosphere's vitality and the diverse voices seeking a digital space to articulate ideas and narratives.

Marketing Webflow templates

Marketing, the pulse of brand visibility, finds a robust home within Webflow's 134 templates. From landing pages to campaign-focused designs, this category epitomizes the platform's recognition of businesses' dire need for compelling digital marketing collateral. These templates offer a springboard for marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses aiming to captivate their audiences. 

On_Event Webflow template

Webflow's intuitive tools empower users to craft visually stunning and strategically designed marketing materials, aligning with the ever-evolving demands of a competitive digital landscape. The prominence of marketing templates underlines Webflow's commitment to providing accessible solutions for brand promotion and audience engagement.

Leading Webflow templates to lowest

Amidst the diverse tapestry of Webflow's template categories, an expansive range of options exists, catering to multifaceted industries and interests, ensuring a platform that accommodates a myriad of online ventures.

Number of Webflow templates from Highest to Lowest, based on their categories listed by Wedoflow and Azwedo agency
Webflow templates based on Categories

Exploring the Dominant Tags

Now let us delve into the Webflow dominant tags, let's uncover the narrative behind the top five tags flourishing within Webflow's template array.

Webflow Agency templates

The prominence of the 'Agency' tag resonates with the vast community of agencies seeking a professional online presence. With 512 templates tailored specifically for agency-style websites, Webflow provides a diverse array of options, catering to various specialties within the agency landscape. 

Webflow Tirana Agency template
Tirana Webflow template

From marketing firms to design agencies, the availability of these templates showcases Webflow's commitment to supporting the digital aspirations of agencies worldwide.

Webflow Portfolio templates

The 'Portfolio' tag's prevalence speaks volumes about the importance of personal branding and showcasing creative endeavors. With 490 templates designed for portfolios, Webflow becomes the playground for artists, designers, and freelancers seeking to exhibit their work seamlessly. 

Artful Webflow template

These templates offer a myriad of layouts and functionalities, empowering individuals to curate captivating portfolios that resonate with their unique styles and professional narratives.

Webflow SaaS templates

The surge in 'SaaS' templates within Webflow's repertoire mirrors the tech industry's emphasis on Software as a Service solutions. With 392 templates tailored for SaaS businesses, Webflow becomes the go-to platform for startups and tech ventures aiming to present their software offerings dynamically. 

Manila Webflow template

The availability of diverse SaaS templates underscores Webflow's commitment to facilitating the digital journeys of tech-based enterprises, offering customizable solutions for their online presence.

Webflow Startup templates

The 'Startup' tag's prominence aligns with the global surge in entrepreneurial ventures. With 167 templates dedicated to startups, Webflow offers a launching pad for emerging businesses to establish their digital footprint swiftly. 

Boldest Webflow template

These templates cater to the diverse needs of startups across industries, enabling founders to create impactful websites without the intricacies of coding, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and growth.

Webflow Real Estate templates

The 'Real Estate' tag's significance within Webflow's template collection echoes the industry's perpetual demand for visually engaging property showcases. With 106 templates geared towards real estate, Webflow becomes the digital hub for realtors, agencies, and property developers seeking to present their listings attractively. 

The availability of diverse real estate templates signifies Webflow's recognition of the sector's need for compelling online representations, offering customizable options for property-centric websites.

Beyond the top five dominant tags, Webflow boasts a diverse array of templates catering to varied niches and industries, amplifying its commitment to providing tailored solutions for an extensive spectrum of online ventures.

Number of Webflow templates from Highest to Lowest based on the tags, listed by Wedoflow and Azwedo agency.
Webflow templates based on Tags

It is needless to say that exploring the vibrant world of Webflow templates unveils not just numbers but stories—narratives of creativity, innovation, and limitless possibilities.


As we've traversed through the statistical analysis of templates and why they are so popular, it's evident that Webflow is more than a platform, it's an ally empowering dreams into digital reality. Whether you're a designer seeking a canvas, an entrepreneur establishing your online footprint, or a marketer vying for attention, Webflow's array of templates caters to every aspiration.

This statistical journey merely scratches the surface of what awaits within Webflow's premium templates. The real magic lies in your exploration, where each click leads to a discovery—a template that resonates with your vision, a design that amplifies your voice. Dare to explore, dare to innovate, and dare to craft your digital masterpiece. 

Explore our collection of premium Webflow templates today and embark on a journey where creativity knows no bounds and possibilities are limitless.

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