Wonderlist – 127 Premium Website Designs in Figma

Wonderlist – 127 Premium Website Designs in Figma
May 15, 2024

Today Figma is a top designers’ choice with more than 4 million users and among those are big tech companies like Microsoft, X (Twitter), Dropbox, Rakuten, Stripe, Slack, GitHub, and many more. 

While designing captivating websites is crucial for businesses and individuals alike, companies that consistently create digital experiences for their customers have to go through a lot of design choices.

Be it when it comes to the fonts they pick, the UI layouts, or the color palettes they choose—all these decisions take a considerable amount of time and effort; time that would be better put in place for other productive tasks.

That’s why we have brought to you an awesome collection of Figma template designs, complete with every element you need to create stunning websites for your clients, without having to build them yourself from scratch.

How Figma Templates Streamline the Design Process

Figma templates elevate your design process, no matter if you are a solo designer or part of an agency. By starting with a well-crafted template, you can focus more on refining details and less on foundational design elements.

This efficiency is invaluable for meeting tight deadlines and exceeding client expectations, and this is exactly what we intend with Wonderlist Design!

Wonderlist Design — 127 Ready-to-Use Website Designs in Figma

Wonderlist Design website preview, showing a big CTA in the hero section saying "Access 127 Premium Web Designs in Figma"
Wonderlist Design

Wonderlist Design is a bundle of templates made readily available for your upcoming Figma projects. The list of 127 Figma templates includes designs from different categories:

  • Figma SaaS templates: Tailored for software-as-a-service websites.
  • Figma Agency templates: Suited for creative agencies and marketing firms.
  • Figma Portfolio templates: Showcase your work with stunning portfolio templates.
  • Dark and Light Modes: Templates catering to different visual preferences.
  • Other categories: Versatile templates for blogs, e-commerce, consulting, construction, and more.

All of our Figma website designs come in PNG and SVG formats being fully customizable. With them are included the font styles packed within the Figma file, while icons, logos, and mockups are also free to use and implement.

Wonderlist Design Pricing

We’ve put our Figma template designs in Wonderlist within 3 main pricing plans. The plans are tailored for each of you depending on your needs, and they consist of Wonderlist Lite, Wonderlist Pro, and Wonderlist Business packages.

You can start with the Wonderlist Lite plan, which is made for those of you seeking affordability and don’t need a large collection of template designs. The plan costs only $329 and comes with 25 website designs included.

Then there is the Wonderlist Pro package. This is our users’ most popular choice consisting of the complete list of Figma templates (127) with more than 1137 unique page designs and full design package for $599 one-time purchase.

Lastly, we offer our Wonderlist Business plan to all those businesses who need the full experience, including having the Multiple user license and getting live updates with new designs for only $999 single-time purchase.

A screenshot of the Wonderlist Design 3 Pricing Plans with its features. Lite plan is $329, Pro is $599 and Business is $999
Wonderlist Design Pricing

Overview of Figma as a Leading UI Design Tool

Figma has revolutionized the design industry with its cloud-based interface and real-time collaboration capabilities. Designers can seamlessly create, prototype, and collaborate on projects, making it a preferred choice for professionals and teams. 

Its intuitive interface and robust features have positioned Figma as a go-to tool for website design. That’s why utilizing Figma templates provides users with numerous benefits and advantages:

  • Time Efficiency: Individuals and companies alike can save hours of design work by starting with pre-designed templates.
  • Consistency: You can maintain brand consistency across various web pages.
  • Customizability: Tailoring templates to fit specific design requirements is effortless and flexible.
  • Collaboration: Users can streamline team collaboration and feedback processes, fostering efficient workflow and communication.

Why Choose Figma for Website Design?

Beyond templates, Figma offers unparalleled design freedom, allowing designers to create pixel-perfect prototypes and collaborate effortlessly with stakeholders. Another main difference is that, unlike traditional design tools, Figma operates entirely in the cloud, allowing seamless collaboration among team members regardless of their location. 

This real-time collaboration feature enables designers, developers, and stakeholders to work together on projects simultaneously, providing instant feedback and fostering efficient teamwork.


Figma templates are indispensable tools for anyone embarking on a web design project. They facilitate efficiency, creativity, and collaboration, empowering designers to deliver exceptional results.

With Wonderlist Design, we decided to bring you a bundle of awesome Figma template designs that will save you the hassle of designing from scratch, and allow you to use the ready-made designs for your different projects, including SaaS websites, Agency websites, Portfolio websites, and more.

So save your effort for more crucial parts of your work, and start your journey with Wonderlist Design today. Explore our beautiful templates and unlock your creativity with us!

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