Webflow Conf 2022 - Here is what to expect

Webflow Conf 2022 - Here is what to expect
Sep 26, 2022

The last Webflow Conference held in 2021 was summarized by three words: Inspiring, Enlightening and Empowering. It was an incredible No-Code Conference full of exciting news, from product announcements and feature updates to awards and template sales. 

Webflow announced new capabilities that will make the platform even better to create splendid and more engaging web experiences - all no-code. Memberships, logic, and collaboration were some of the main features revealed for the community. 

These features make websites a marketing asset, not an engineering challenge. Webflow’s vision is to remove any obstacle and empower more people and entire companies to bring products to life in a more intuitive way. 

Manual works are being automated, new companies are being built, and existing ones are transforming. All this is because no code tools allow people to create directly, without a translation layer in the middle. 

The Webflow Conf 2022

Webflow conference 2022
Webflow Conference 2022

For the first time since 2019, the annual conference will be held in person. Webflow Conf 2022 will take place from Nov 9-10 at Midway in San Francisco and will stream online too. After launching in 2019, the conference was attended by more than 18 thousand people virtually in 2021.

This year the focus has shifted mainly to Webflow, as the community wants the content to be centered entirely around the changes and updates that will take place on the platform. For this reason, even the name has changed from No-Code Conf to Webflow Conf. 

Brilliant speakers will complete this year’s session, including Webflow partners, team members, and community members. It will be a celebration event of the makers, creators, and visionaries behind the world’s most stunning websites. 

These two days will offer a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in connecting with people and growing their business - Webflow Conf is the the best chance putting that to work.

What to expect

Whether you are attending the Conf online or in person you will be the first to grasp the new Webflow features. Design, Build, Grow and Collaborate will be the four main parts to cover all other sessions. 

Let’s uncover what they will bring to us:

Build: From dreaming to doing. Webflow is changing the way marketing, product, and engineering teams are doing their work - build, prototype and launch.

Design: Elevate your design game. New waves of visual development and design are expected to launch - from tools and accessibility to the most recent aesthetic brands.

Grow: Flexibility, scalability, and power. See how Webflow can make your teams create and grow your business - any company, any industry, and any team.

Collaborate: Great ideas only get better when we share them. Explore how Webflow helps the team create unique experiences together - efficiently and effectively. 

Webflow Conf’s purpose isn’t just to update the people with the latest updates, but it will be a space to meet, engage and share experiences with the Webflow community. 

More than a conference

This year is bringing back the interactive sessions as the last year’s Speed Build Challenge - where 8 participants competed in a bracket-style remotely to build something creatively and quickly in Webflow. Further, there will be a lot of time to hang out and network. 

Webflow has recently announced the full agenda on their website, which will be ‘online’ and ‘in-person’. But why is it important to be present at the conference this year?

The main word for the 2022 Conf is for creators to ‘celebrate’ and ‘network’ together, prompting a great opportunity for all Webflow-ers around the world to experience the energy of inspiration firsthand. 

Webflow conference 2022

A Webflow for EVERYONE

Webflow is dedicated to creating a space where everyone will be able to build and make changes on the web. This new identity makes the platform unique and a source of creativeness and diversity. 

As it is introduced by Webflow, ‘Room for Everyone, every creator - from beginners to seasoned pros, from designers to web devs, solopreneurs to scaling teams, the Conf 2022 will be the venue for all. 

Webflow has prioritized backgrounds and experiences of all types during the speaker selection process. They are also offering 50 scholarships for free in-person admission. 


This year’s awards at Webflow Conf will be greater than ever. They convey and celebrate everyone and everything that brings to life remarkable projects every day, #MadeinWebflow.

Awards in Webflow push creators to another level, and it’s a great chance to make the work known not just within the Webflow community, but worldwide. In this conference, awards expanded into three categories: Community, Customer, and Partner, with subcategories listed under each class of awards.

Webflow will highlight winners and finalists on their website, social media, blogs, and email promotions. They are also asking people to help in finding top websites and creators to be recognized. You can nominate yourself and your projects too. See the categories and send your nominations. 

Get involved, register now!

Registration for being part of the Conf 2022 is now open. The online attendance is completely free, while if you want to attend the conference in-person the early bird ticket costs $359. 

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