Webflow Template Categories Sold The Most

Webflow Template Categories Sold The Most
Jan 22, 2024

In recent years, there has been a significant advancement in web design and development. It is increasingly simpler for people and companies to build their own websites without any prior coding experience thanks to the growth of no-code platforms like Webflow. 

Webflow template categories

There are several templates available through Webflow that can be altered to meet your needs. Choosing the best template for your project, though, might be difficult given the abundance of alternatives. We have created a list of the most popular Webflow template categories searched in the Webflow platform.

Each Webflow template category has distinctive qualities that are tailored to specific project types. For instance, the E-commerce template category is perfect for businesses looking to sell products online. For a seamless user experience, these themes are built with features like shopping carts, payment gateways, and product pages.

On the contrary, those who want to highlight their work might use the Portfolio template category. These templates frequently contain artistic animations and layouts that might wow potential customers.

We'll explore deeper into each of these template types and examine the qualities that set them apart in the sections that follow. To help you better understand each category, we'll also highlight a Webflow template from our library of designs.

1. Webflow Portfolio templates

As we earlier said, every type of website template has its own specifics, starting with the category it belongs to, style of design and etc.

A pre-designed layout that displays the work of a creative expert or company is what Webflow portfolio templates are. A website portfolio's primary function is to showcase one's prior work to potential customers, hiring managers, and else.

Typically, a Webflow portfolio template has the following features:

  • A simple, contemporary layout that emphasizes the displayed work
  • Simple navigation and grouping of the many works or projects artistically beautiful
  • High-quality photos or videos that represent the projects and job in general
  • A succinct explanation of each project, including its aims, objectives, and the professional or company's involvement in them
  • Provide clear and enticing CTA to encourage potential clients or employers to contact you, by providing contact information.

Example of a Webflow portfolio template;

Webflow Portfolio template – Anchiano developed from Wedoflow agency
Webflow Portfolio Template – Anchiano

Professionals from different fields, such as graphic designers, web developers, photographers, artists, and authors, employ website portfolio themes. Also, companies can utilize them to advertise their goods and services. In general, a website portfolio is an effective tool for showcasing one's abilities to prospective clients or employers.

2. Webflow SaaS templates

SaaS (Software as a Service) Webflow web templates are pre-designed website designs that SaaS businesses offer as a service. SaaS web templates primarily need to be user-friendly and simple to customize, enabling users to rapidly build professional-looking websites without significant web development knowledge or skills.

SaaS Webflow designs can be modified to suit a variety of sectors and market segments, such as e-commerce, healthcare, education, finance, and more. Other features and services that some SaaS providers provide include website hosting, name registration, and connections with third-party tools and platforms.

SaaS websites typically give users access to internet-delivered software programs, enabling them to use these programs without having to download or run any software on their local computer. 

Example of a Webflow SaaS template;

Webflow SaaS template – Black developed by Wedoflow agency
Webflow SaaS Template – Black

SaaS websites offer a practical and affordable method for companies and people to access software applications and services without having to install or maintain any software locally. 

3. Webflow Agency template

Agency web templates are the solution to go with for those who want to establish an online presence and aim for brand recognition. Usually, Webflow agency templates have a simple yet informative section on their pages, and this is due to the type of services they provide.

Webflow design agencies need to take into account two things when designing a Webflow agency template; Come up with a distinctive web design so it will grab the attention of the audience and prospective clients, and provide simple navigation with sufficient information on what you do, and why someone should hire you.

Webflow agency templates are from various industries, starting with software development, design, copywriting, and many other services.

Example of a Webflow agency template;

Webflow Agency template – Singapore developed by Wedoflow agency
Webflow Agency Template – Singapore

Except for services that an agency explains in their websites, it’s a proper approach to showcase the projects (if any) that they worked on and how that helped their client grow and benefit from their services. In addition, the pricing table is another section that agencies can share with their readers, case studies, and blog articles which can be informative, educational, sales, etc.

4. Webflow Business templates

A lot of marketing and promotion is done on websites. The website of a firm has played a big part in how that company is perceived. It is typically made to attract a lot of web visitors' attention in order to increase purchases. A design can be influential and appealing for many reasons.

Every Webflow business template should provide the audience with relevant information and related to the services or products it promotes that they do best. This needs to be displayed with an intuitive user interface and flawless user experience.

Example of a Webflow business template;

Webflow Business template – Hamburg developed by Wedoflow agency
Webflow Business Template – Hamburg

Always keep in mind that using convenient and straightforward approaches to make it simple for users to navigate through the website is the right move to do as a business. 

5. Webflow Blog templates

According to what we see and based on our market analysis Webflow blog templates are trendy for several reasons, but one main reason that we consider is worthiest than others is that Webflow blog examples have easy CMS to maintain and update. Adding to this the easy design and development process with drag and drop features. 

Enhancing SEO requirements is something that is crucial in growing and strengthening the brand in accordance with Google specifics. Webflow blog templates are easy to be optimized with proper meta tags due to their one-place platform for all needed changes to be conducted. 

Example of a Webflow blog template;

Webflow Blog template – Kobe developed by Wedoflow agency
Webflow Blog Template – Kobe

Webflow has a powerful CMS collection with awesome features which is great for many of us who don’t have deep coding skills. Adding fields, and sections, and creating additional pages is done with easy, configuring clean and enticing animations and is something that will add value to your Webflow blog template and contribute to keeping longer the reader on your website. 

6. Webflow Real Estate templates

First and foremost every Webflow website template needs to be designed in such a way that it has the user experience in mind, how he perceives the overall design in combination with the information provided in that template. 

The positioning of sections and insights plays a crucial role in making or breaking a successful web design. Always consider and think from the user’s perspective, do they find easy the insights that they need, how many clicks do they have to do until they get to the answers, etc.

The above-mentioned factors are a general rule of thumb, and when it comes to real estate websites, one factor needs to be further emphasized. A right and proper image capturing. 

Example of a Webflow real estate template;

Webflow real estate template – Columbia developed by Wedoflow agency
Webflow Real Estate Template – Columbia

Real estate websites have a lot of images (at least they should), therefore proper sizes of images, and their arrangement through the website should be very well structured and organized. Consider the scenarios when the audience might get confused and irritated as a result and leave the website (even if there are great properties). 

When designing a Webflow real estate template consider adding light animations and interactions as well as enriching with suitable icons, definitely add value to the website, as long as they perform flawlessly, so consider this and try to keep the balance between design and performance.

Real estate web templates can be used by a variety of people such as; solo real estate agents, property owners, real estate brokers, or agencies. 

7. Webflow Landing Page templates

One of the most used Webflow types of templates is Landing pages. Why? Because they are straightforward web designs, simple, and relatively with less amount of information than the multiple-page websites.

The Webflow landing page templates can turn to be really attractive and efficient in achieving goals by displaying either touchable products or tech-related software to the community with a Webflow SaaS template.

The whole idea of landing pages is to provide sufficient information about that particular product or service and make it accessible to interested parties.

Example of a Webflow blog template;

Webflow Blog template – Berlin developed by Wedoflow agency
Webflow Landing Page Template – Berlin

When planning to design, update or customize a landing page for your needs, consider the following specific features of Webflow landing page templates;

  • Come up with a clean and simple design
  • Put your emphasis on the CTA
  • Make it mobile responsive
  • Use high-quality images or videos
  • Minimize navigation 
  • Provide social proof such as testimonials or product reviews

Landing pages can be used as well only for showcasing a specific purpose such as promoting a product as a part of a bigger and primary product, share a free content material such as e-books, course enrollment, etc.

Do Webflow templates fulfill my website needs?

Yes, using Webflow templates can be a wonderful way to meet the requirements of different website types. Webflow offers a broad selection of templates that are adaptable and can be used to build websites for various reasons, including e-commerce, portfolios, blogs, business websites, and more.

Webflow themes include pre-built designs and styles that are tailored for particular kinds of websites. Users can concentrate on modifying the template to fit their requirements rather than creating a website from start, saving time and effort in the website creation process.

Additionally, Webflow templates are created to be responsive, which enables them to adjust to various screen widths and guarantees that the website will appear fantastic on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. As more people use mobile gadgets to reach the internet, this is crucial.

Moreover, Webflow designs are SEO-optimized, which can raise websites' placement in search engine results. This is accomplished using a number of features, including, but not limited to, meta tags, alt tags, and organized data.

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