Beyond Dribbble – Alternative Websites for Design Inspiration

Beyond Dribbble – Alternative Websites for Design Inspiration
Jul 31, 2023

Without a doubt, inspiration is something that serves as the creative fuel that drives innovation and pushes boundaries. A single stroke of genius can birth a website that not only captivates audiences but also delivers seamless user experiences.

However, if you just look to one platform for design inspiration, you could unintentionally limit your ability to come up with ground-breaking concepts. 

As popular as Dribbble is, it has its limitations. Let us shed light on the drawbacks of depending solely on Dribbble. We will introduce amazing alternative sources for web design inspiration that will expand your creative horizons.

Low real-world context of Dribbble

Dribbble, known for its visually stunning designs, often falls short when it comes to providing a deeper understanding of how these designs function in real-world scenarios.

While polished visuals are undoubtedly eye-catching, they might not always translate seamlessly into practical implementations. Designers require a broader perspective, one that encompasses usability and real-life user interactions to craft websites that stand the test of time.

Dribbble is well-known for its visually appealing designs, but it frequently falls short of offering a deeper knowledge of how these designs perform in practical applications. While polished visuals are undoubtedly eye-catching, they might not always translate seamlessly into practical implementations.

To create websites that last the test of time, two core components that every designer should have on their designs are usability and real-life user interaction and only then comes the aesthetic aspect. Hence, the fact that most of the designs on Dribbble don't address UX issues is one of the greatest issues with utilizing Dribbble as a source of inspiration.

As professionals seeking to create meaningful web experiences, it is vital to go beyond the confines of Dribbble and seek inspiration from diverse sources. 

Key points to consider while finding web design inspiration

  1. User-Centric Approach Seek designs that follow UX rules while taking into account user needs and behaviors. Such designs produce user-friendly, effective, and memorable experiences.
  2. Practical Problem-Solving ⎯ Look for sources of inspiration that address practical problems and go beyond just aesthetic appeal to offer creative answers that truly address needs.
  3. Fully Developed Designs ⎯ Discover designs that have been carefully considered and refined for use in the real world so that your own projects will be valuable and practical.
  4. Embrace Diversity ⎯ Explore designs from other sectors and niches to broaden your horizons and embrace diversity. Diverse sources of inspiration might provide new viewpoints and surprising revelations to enhance your creative process.
  5. Blend Form and Function ⎯ Look for designs that achieve a balance between aesthetics and usability—beautiful design combined with simple functionality results in seamless user experiences.
  6. Interactive Elements ⎯ Look for ideas that include interactive aspects like animations and micro-interactions. These minor nuances may increase user engagement and enjoyment.
  7. Keep Up with Trends ⎯ Keep up with the newest design trends while ensuring they correspond with the goals of your project. Modern aesthetics and inventive approaches might be inspired by trends.
  8. Feedback and Reviews ⎯ Go through the user feedback and assessments for existing designs to see whether features are favorably welcomed by users. Include helpful information in your own efforts.

Let's embark on a journey to discover alternative platforms that will breathe new life into your design endeavors, ultimately elevating your web creations to unprecedented heights.

List of websites resources for design inspiration

1. Landdding

Landdding is a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate site designed to provide web designers with all the content needed in one spot. Bringing together the designer community to explore amazing web design concepts and to be able to display their own or others' work through simple submission.

Visitors can upvote their preferred web design projects from different categories, such as; saas, agency, portfolio, design, etc., and help them win a community badge as one of the three top-liked projects.

Landdding – Showcasing website designs for inspiration

2. Awwwards 

Awwwards is one of the go-to website resources for design inspiration and not only. The content is highly valued by the design community because of their efforts in following the latest and up-to-date design trends and the high standards of picking specific projects to share with the community.

Awwwards platform. Find inspirational website designs for your own inspiration

3. Land-Book

A well-chosen selection of attractive landing pages may be found on the website Land-Book. It offers ideas and materials for web designers and developers to make useful and aesthetically pleasing landing pages for their projects.

 Land-book platform, the source for web designers with awesome designs showcased regularly

4. Lapa Ninja

Lapa Ninja is a gallery featuring really awesome resources for designers focused on sharing great landing page examples. In addition, it offers free books for designers and free UI kits from around the web.

Lapa ninja platform, a source of inspiration for web designers with various design and a lot more

5. Landingfolio

If you have vague inspiration about your next web design project and need a boost in opening the horizons of fresh ideas, Landingfolio is here to give you a hand. We invite you to get inspired with up-to-date and modern landing pages that are shared and filtered into categories, industries, and platforms for easier search. 

Landingfolio is the source were web designers get inspired for their own future web projectsr

6. One Page Love

Another great platform that shares website inspiration design in a clean, minimalistic, and easy-to-navigate platform is One Page Love.  This platform offers well-structured web design categories and additional UI kit resources.

One Page Love is the unique, clean and minimalistic platform that has great websites and web templates that serve as inspiration for web designers

7. SaaS Landing Page Examples

Last but not least, the SaaS Landing page offers a rich collection of web designs that can save you a lot of time by helping you brainstorm and come up with new ideas.

SaaS landing page examples, is the platform that many web designers have in their collection of web design recources


Knowing that this list of websites is not exhaustive we encourage you to explore other web design resources such as Pinterest, our collection of Webflow templates, mobbin, and other design-related platforms. Let us not forget that the value of web design depends on its functionality or solving a real-life problem and then its uniqueness in the aesthetic aspect.

The distinctiveness of web designs, most of the time, is a result of blending and transforming several concepts into a single and functional unified product design, hence, keep in mind practicality and try to blend the business mission and vision into the web design.

Get inspired and be an inspiration. 😎

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