How will web design change?

How will web design change?
Aug 24, 2022

Did you know that 88% of online consumers will not return to a website following a bad experience? A poor web design is a terrible business. That means people will stop visiting a website, and nothing will make them come back.

Web design trends

Web design plays such an immense role that customers usually define a company's success just by glancing at its website. 

To understand further the importance of attractive design bear in mind that two out of three people prefer to see and read beautiful content. Therefore, every company should create exceptional work and innovate to raise the credibility of what they're doing.

Web design trends are constantly evolving, and the development of new technologies and improvements in UX and UI will continue to transform the online customer experience. Therefore, web design trends are the elements that develop quickly and digital designers often pave the way.

We will see how the browsing experience is changing and how the web trends in 2022 are reshaping. 

Let’s get started.

Earlier, building and developing websites was way too expensive, and it required coding expertise. Yes, coding still has a major role in web development and design, but the rapid growth of no-code tools is changing everything.

Starting a tech company is a lot easier now as you are able to launch a prototype or a full product in just a few days. 

The no-code technology has increased the speed of innovation and efficiency, allowing designers to produce fully functional websites, e-commerce stores, and web applications. Consequently, with development without coding becoming more popular, the need for designers will continue to grow. 

From creating workflow automation, launching websites, and developing apps without spending a fortune on creating them, no-code platforms such as Webflow are changing the game as they can help startups quickly build and launch. 

Webflow allows you to build whatever website you need without knowing a single line of code. With an unlimited number of unique templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, you will be able to bring your product from idea to release fast. 

Whether you want to start a responsive template or build from scratch, Webflow grants you the opportunity for full customization.

But that’s not all, Webflow offers the best price, especially for startups that don’t have a budget to spend but can still create the highest-quality website with a small amount of money.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, people’s views and interactions with websites are changing. 

Here are some evolutionary trends we can expect web design to bring in the future.

Data becomes Design

Web development and design will not create as it was until now. Data analytics is becoming the new norm for designers’ work. They will build what the user wants and wishes, not how a website should be.

Web design will build based on data by applying analytical tools creating the opportunity to analyze actions that dictate the user’s habits. Designers and data scientists will have to work as one for a more personalized website experience, resulting in design heading to data-driven in the future. 

Chatbots and Voice Interface

AI will definitely play a big part in how web design will run and look like tomorrow. Chatbot implementation is one of the most common things that companies are applying in their network, with 48% of companies claiming to introduce chatbots in 2021 and 2022.

AI and chatbots can even act as advanced support agents and with a little stream of human intervention, chatbots are set to become the new standard.

People today are used to going for voice commands and getting the result they needed from what they told Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. All have their particular systems of working and are unique on their own.

A voice assistant can act as a dynamic interface that can be used in many ways, providing each user with a unique experience.

The voice assistant can be a transforming factor that can improve conversion rates that's why web design shall adopt this approach in the layout process and content.

Pageless Websites

It may sound surprising, but pageless websites have become a serious thing. A single website with an endless scroll is all about a pageless website.

Instead of navigating multiple pages, you have all the information on one single page. People only have to scroll up and down to see everything on your website. 

The idea resembles social media platforms that have become addictive for billion of users worldwide. Web designers shall focus on the fluency, speed, and descriptive structure of the website for a truly engaging experience.

Web Animation

Web design has constantly been improving in different aspects, and animations have just become a crucial part of it. Every business needs to create an eye-catching website to produce better conversions and improve the UX/UI, which helps attract more users. 

Good animations can turn a boring website into an engaging and interactive one. Users are interested to see animating designs and innovations that can explain complicated processes through different images and animations in a simple way.

A website design is a major feature of any business in digital marketing today, and the chance to increase user engagement and reach maximum profit is greater than ever. 

Dynamic Storytelling 

Knowing how to tell a story can be a powerful way to display your company’s vision, product, or services. With a storytelling website, you use the advantages of including animations, lots of graphics or images, and large texts to grab the user’s attention. 

Dynamic storytelling helps avoid the problem of using the same storytelling for users with different tastes and preferences. Instead, you can produce content for your users based on their actions and likings.  

In conclusion

Taking into account the new trends and the fast-evolving in technology, web designers ought to create based on user-oriented approach, which will make them take action and enjoy the experiences.

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