How to choose the perfect website template for your business

How to choose the perfect website template for your business
Jan 13, 2023

Every decision you make in your company has a significant impact on the success and efficiency of your business, especially when designing your website, which is an essential part of building a solid firm.

Choosing the right template can have a massive effect on the website’s functionality and usability. Try carefully to consider your needs and goals and choose a template that aligns with the purpose of your website.

Choose one with a design that matches the features you offer and the functionality you need, which also is easy to customize. We will unfold all the details on why your website template should align with everything that your business stands for. Your business needs and goals should be the main factor that will help in selecting the correct layout for your online presence. 

Therefore, if you are about to launch your portfolio website or your SaaS product just now, our Webflow no-code templates make the most out of it. Scale your website with one of the templates that helped thousands of businesses scale. 

How to choose the perfect website template 

There are a few key things to consider when picking a website template. These 4 steps can help you make the right decision:

1. Your website’s purpose

Determining the purpose of your website will help you choose a template that fits your needs and goals. You should select it based on what audience you are targeting, and ensure that your website is relevant and helpful to them.

So the main reason your visitors are coming to your website is your content and landing pages. They seek a product, solution, or source of information. And once the purpose of your website is defined, now you need to think about what you want to achieve with it. 

For instance, if you are building a personal portfolio website, the purpose would be to showcase your work and convince potential clients to visit your contact page and contact you. Or if you are building e-commerce, the website should help attract customers and convince them to make purchases. 

2. Plan out and search the website layout

After you have decided on your website’s purpose and goals, it’s time to think about the entire UX and visual presentation of your website. A good website design should be visually appealing, with a layout that is easy to navigate and makes it clear where to find information.

A logical layout will engage site visitors immediately and make them understand how different elements of the website are organized and how they relate to one another.  The website design trends currently are going towards developing dynamic, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

In cases when your website doesn't perform well with the content, and you want certain pages to present in various layouts, Webflow has you covered because it allows you to build a no-code dynamic multi-layout website.

Webflow lets you create multiple layouts that may use for different purposes and also allows us to build dynamic web pages using our own custom layouts. Create as many layouts as you need and control the way how your website looks. 

3. Functionality

Many templates come with a variety of elements, features, and functions already built-in, which makes it easy to set up a functional website. However, it’s important to choose a template that fits your business needs and goals. 

Let’s check some website elements that fit different business goals.

- Navigation: is an essential element for any website. It can present in various ways, such as a top-level menu, a sidebar, or a footer. A clear intuitive navigation structure can help users quickly find what they are looking for, which adds great value to your website.

- Content: Your content is the backbone of your website and when you are about to choose a template, try to display the information creatively and make it easy to read. Webflow gives you full control over your content structure, all with no code templates.

Good content will help you establish trust, and credibility and engage the users. It’s important to ensure that text, blog, images, videos, and every piece of content on your website are high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date. 

- Footer: A website footer is a section that appears at the bottom of each page on a website that often includes information such as contact, social media links, and options that can help improve the overall user experience.

Think about the features and functionality you need for your website. Do you need a contact form, e-commerce capabilities, or a blog? Make sure the template you choose offers everything you need. 

4. Choose a template that fulfills your needs

After you have decided and listed all the desired features and components of your ideal website. The ideal template for your website will depend on your personal requirements, and it’s always a good idea to explore different options before making the final decision.

Webflow offers a wide range of templates to choose from, including Webflow e-commerce templates, personal portfolios templates, blogs, and more. These no-code templates are designed to be flexible and customizable, so you can easily adjust them to fit your specific needs and design preferences. 

The Webflow e-commerce template comes with built-in features such as product pages, shopping carts, and checkout flows, making it very easy to build an online store. Creating e-commerce with Webflow will not only strengthen your brand but will shape your customer’s experience and all without writing any code.

The personal portfolio templates are perfect for especially showcasing your work. And the blog templates make it easy to create a professional-looking blog. In other words, whatever type of website you are building, Webflow has a template to help you get started.

In conclusion

Choosing the right template for your website will help you achieve your goals and connect with your target audience. It will also help you save lots of time and effort in creating your website since you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Moreover, a template that is easy to customize will enable you to make changes and updates on your website as needed. 

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